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What are Z Points

1. Get Z Points makes it easy to get more Z Points for free. The ways are as follows:
2. Use Z Points
Use Z Points to discount Order Price.
With Z Points in your account, you can use them on the checkout page.
(1) Select the items you want to buy, and go CHECK OUT.
(2) Locate "Z Points" and enter the amount of points you want to use
50 Z Points = $1
Z Points can be redeemed up to 15% of the final item value (Exc. shipping and insurance)
3.The guidelines of using Z Points
(1) The cost of some specific products cannot be reduced using Z Points.
(2) An order which uses Z Points to cover some of the payment can not participate in some activities.
(3) The amount of Z Points obtained are not affected by using coupons.
For example: if the commodity value = $10 and you use a 10% off coupon = $9, then you still receive the full 10 Z Points.
(4) Any order which uses Z Points to cover payment cannot receive Z Points! reserves the right to amend the rules at any time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at our Support Center.