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It took 4 years for us to make ZAFUL from nothing, to become one of the leading international online sellers that brings you the freshest clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts.
We feel so blessed to have received lots of love from the fashion bloggers all over the world. And we can't thank more for all the love and supports from you guys - the amazing customers, you are the reason why we keep running the website.
With all your fondness and enthusiasm, ZAFUL is now a trend that emerge into the public consciousness among young people, especially on YouTube. Thousands of influencers and subscribers are intoxicated with ZAFUL content.
Presented by ZAFUL, here're 3 YouTube superstars who are big fans of our brand. Check out the videos below, and participate in the ZAFUL Anniversary Carnival now.
Kelsey Simone 1.6m Youtube Subscribers 763k Instagram Followers Kelsey Simon is a fashion & lifestyle youtuber from NYC, United State, she is young, wild, chic and with the "Pray hard, Slay hard" spirit in her life.
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Fashion Inspiration From Kelsey
Tana Mongeau 3.4m Youtube Subscribers 2.3m Instagram Followers Tana Mongeau is a YouTube superstar, who has accumulated more than 3.4 million subscribers. She has videos ranging from beauty tips, to unique insights of life, profoundly affecting people around the world.
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  • Scrunch Butt Knotted Thong Bikini - Red M

    Scrunch Butt Knotted Thong Bikini - Red M

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Fashion Inspiration From Tana
Hailey Sani 740k Youtube Subscribers 218k Instagram Followers Hailey Sani, she is a fitness hobbyist and focuses on lifestyle-related video. If you want a good laugh, you can also find something interesting on her channel!
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  • Sheer Lace Tie Front Kimono Cover Up - White

    Sheer Lace Tie Front Kimono Cover Up - White

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Fashion Inspiration From Hailey