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When it comes to streetwear, nothing completes an urban look than a sweatshirt or a hoodie. These rather unisex pieces of outerwear will pump up your look, adding an edge of confidence. The art of styling women's hoodies has received much attention from celebrity stylists and amatuers on Instagram and YouTube alike. Let's delve into the world of hoodies for women-- and how to wear them ZAFUL-style-- right away!

Although their basic shape is baggy, a sweat shirt can come in many distinct styles. Cool sweatshirts like crew neck sweatshirts can be worn with tight leggings or loose gym pants underneath; the crux of the look is making sure it comes out looking comfortable, effortless, but still gives you a confidence boost. Pairing it with a pair of cute and comfy boots like UGGs can make ordinary sweatshirts suddenly look like cute sweatshirts.

Womens hoodies, unlike womens sweatshirts, have hoods, hence their names. Cool hoodies worn right can accomplish a girly punk look. Some typical styles include the oversized hoodie, zip up hoodies, pullover hoodies, and sleeveless hoodies. Below, we will outline some ways you can style hoodies of your favorite colors.

If wearing a black hoodie, consider keeping it simple by pairing it with other black things: a black choker or wristband, and black pants or jeggings. Chunky black shoes would complete the outfit with a nice flow, with the width oscillating from broad at the top where the hoodie is worn, to thin around the legs, and then broad again at the bottom. This brings aesthetic balance and flow to the look.

A white hoodie could likewise be worn monochromatically with other white pieces, such as white yoga pants or white denim. Or it could be paired with neutral tones like denim and black or grey to maintain a low-key look. Similarly, wear a red hoodie with grey, white or black gym pants and comfortable boots. A zip up hoodie could pair well with a solid or subtly-textured tee below.

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