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Sunglasses have become a top essential to modern girls. By simply pairing a casual outfit with womens sunglasses, you can level up your look to rock star status!

When it comes to choosing sunglasses for women, first determining your face shape and your most commonly worn outfits is crucial. These steps will help you find the shades that best match your face shape and style. For this reason, sometimes the same cool sunglasses worn by different people has vastly differing effects. Now find a mirror and take a careful look at your face!

If you are a round-face person, opt for an oversized sunglasses or a thicker frame one. Round faces have fewer defined angles, and wearing smaller frames can emphasize the broadness and roundness of the head, so remember not to pick glasses that are too small. For square-shaped faces, aviator sunglasses or any frame style with circular curves work well. As to oval faces, congratulations! You are the one that can pick whatever you want from fashion to sport sunglasses. With the sharper chin, try cat eye sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses. As for those with a diamond-shaped face, you girls are good for rimless sunglasses, which will flatter your jaw's gentle curves. Last but not least, oblong faces should go for exaggerated sunglasses like designer sunglasses. Spy sunglasses can also neutralize your long facial structure and soften your features.

Our new favorite is polarized sunglasses. What on earth is the difference between ordinary sunglasses and polarized ones? It lies on the different reflection of the sun shines. Polarized sunglasses can filter the dazzling shines and provides more cleared visual effect in order to reduce visual fatigue. It really works for drives and those who are enjoy winter sports.

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