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Accessories / Scarves

Wrap up your look with our fashion forward scarves for women. No matter in what season, in what circumstances, a ladies scarf is the most classic female fashion accessory.

For spring and summer, the warmer days are the best time for lightweight scarf like silk scarf and neck scarf. This small square of fabric has become an iconic item in its own right, bringing a finishing touch to any elegant outfit. Women's necklines are today still influenced by Audrey Hepburn's glamorous yet laid back style. Make the most of the weather this season and add a touch of classic style to your outfit by adding a delicate chiffon scarf.

In those cold days, women's scarves are more than a fashion statement, but a versatile garment that keep you warm. Don't think that when choosing a wool scarf you need to opt for a patterned and bright design. A simple block color style will add just as much glamour and elegance to your look, and will be easier to match with the rest of your outfit. The key to winter scarves is how you wear them. If you have a V neck top, opt for a shawl scarf, for a higher neck line, keep it simple and natural with an infinity scarf. Coupled with retro accessories, you can make a truly romantic look.

There are many ways to wear a square scarf. You can double cross it around your neck or simply tuck it into your leather jacket. Knitted scarf can not only be wrapped around your neck, but also cover the upper body. When you are tired of wearing a sluggish outerwear, try a blanket scarf, matching a pair of shorts and overknee boots.

Whatever way you choose to wear your scarf, give a nod to the classic styles, in order to keep the elegance of the look. Plaid scarf and skull scarf never go wrong.

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