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bamboo earrings

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  • Bamboo Hoop Earrings - Silver

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    Bamboo Hoop Earrings - Silver


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    Earring Type: Hoop Earrings
    Gender: For Girls,For Women
    Metal Type: Alloy
    Style: Hipster
    Shape/Pattern: Round
    Weight: 0.0600kg
    Package: 1 x Earrings(Pair)
" Bamboo Earrings "
" Bamboo Earrings "
  • Natural Bamboo Vinegar Essence Detox Foot Patch - Green

    5.08 5.39

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    Product Features:
    Natural bamboo vinegar essence detox foot patch can be used for health care and beauty care. Based on the idea of Chinese medical care, stimulating the foot points as well as its reflectionof collateral channels can absorb the extracts into the blood vessels, enhance the blood circulation and expulse toxin of body without anyside effect compared with oral medicine. After using it for a period, your body will turn better both inside and outside. Meanwhile your skin shows bright and healthy.

    Who need detox foot patch ?
    - People who love beauty and want to be slim
    - People who have health problem such as: astriction, halitosis, body odour, foot odour
    - Semi-healthy people
    - People who use computer for long time and have big working pressure
    - People who stand or work for long time
    - People who feel pain and swelling on legs and feet

    Working principle:
    1. Past the detox foot patches on the sole of the foot before you go to bed, the patches warm up to open the pores to draw and absorb the accumulated wastes from osmotic pressure through the skin from the blood and lymph systems.
    2. The next morning, remove the patches gently ,you may find it become darkened, greasy, moist.

    How to use:
    1. Cleaning your feet before going to bed. Remove adhesive backing, Apply printed side of pad to adhesive,
    2. Stick the adhesive sheet and the sachets together to the foot points.
    3. Remove and discard after 8-10 hours. Daily continue to use until discoloration subsides.

    - 1 box = 5 pairs = 10 pcs
    - On average, 4-5 boxes are seen as a using period.
    - Please don't use the foot patch if you are skin redness, sores and skin allergies
    Item Type: Foot Patch
    Size: 25 x 20 x 15CM
    Weight: 0.0100kg
    Package Content: 1 x Foot Patch (Box)
    Natural Bamboo Vinegar Essence Detox Foot Patch
    Natural Bamboo Vinegar Essence Detox Foot Patch
    Natural Bamboo Vinegar Essence Detox Foot Patch
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  • Ombre Chinoiserie Bamboo Printed Shawl Scarf - Sangria

    3.25 3.90

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    Scarf Type: Scarf
    Group: Adult
    Gender: For Women
    Style: Vintage
    Material: Polyester
    Pattern Type: Plant,Print
    Season: Fall,Spring,Summer,Winter
    Scarf Length: 155CM
    Scarf Width (CM): 50CM
    Weight: 0.0400kg
    Package: 1 x Scarf
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  • Bamboo Woven Faux Leather Bracelet Set - Multicolor

    4.35 6.07

    Item Type: Strand Bracelet
    Gender: Unisex
    Chain Type: Leather Chain,Rope Chain
    Style: Classic
    Shape/Pattern: Round
    Weight: 0.0800kg
    Package: 1 x Bracelet (Set)
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  • Bamboo Print Batwing Sleeve Long Blouse - L

    25.49 37.38

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    Material: Polyester
    Shirt Length: Long
    Sleeves Length: Three Quarter
    Collar: Collarless
    Pattern Type: Print
    Style: Fashion
    Weight: 0.3700kg
    Package: 1 x Blouse
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