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            1. Click the PLAY button, and catch the falling cakes from the top of the screen using the mouse cursor (or your finger on mobile).
            2. Each time you gain a cake, you will win 5 points. During a game, all the points you get from catching cakes will be accumulated automatically.
            3. This is a score-ranked game, where the highest score wins. See the prizes below:
            Top 1: $100 No-limit Coupon
            Top 2 - 5: $50 No-limit Coupon
            4. Each customer has 3 FREE chances each day to play the game from Jun. 17 to Jun. 23.
            5. Share our game link to the platforms listed for getting an extra free chance each day. (Get 1 chance for each platform, up to 3 times each day)
            6. You can also use your Z Points to redeem EXTRA chances. 20 Z-Points each time.
            7.Game duration: Jun. 17 at 00:00 - Jun. 23 at 23:59 CDT (UTC/GMT-5)
            8. The winners’ list will be released on June 25 (If two people get the same score, the order the scores were won in will be used to decide instead).
            9. ZAFUL reserves the right of final interpretation. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff (https://support.zaful.com).