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Suit up your silhouette in a beautiful kimono from ZAFUL. The kimono robe has taken over the fashion scene like a tsunami this decade, and the look hasn't been worn out yet. Not everything now affectionately thought of as a "traditional kimono" is truly a japanese yukata, for the efeminitely overgrown garment has morphed a thousand times now. The world of the kimono robe is expansive, including the maxi kimono, kimono shirt, and more. Let's take a closer look at the modern women's kimono.

The signature attributes of the japanese kimono is its long sleeves and hem with simplistic seams. These characteristics are stylized into different looks. Rather than being belted together at the waist, the modern long kimono cardigan is worn wide-open, serving mainly as a statement maker atop a cute outfit within. A kimono wrap, also known as the kimono dress, may hold more true to the original kimono concept, it is also stylized for casual streetwear. These styles make for great summer kimono looks.

When it comes to styling the kimono dress and its variations, nothing is going to look better than keeping it light and breezy. Light materials like the lace kimono will not weigh down your look. Beach kimono styles like the kimono cover up are good for keeping your cool in hot styles. A floral kimono cardigan can be worn across seasons, serving as either a light sunshield or a guard against chilly autumn gusts of wind. If loud designs isn't your thing, go for either a black kimono. or a white kimono, and style it with any color for shoes and accessories. The look will automatically look complete.

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