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Accessories / Gloves

Gloves used to be practical garment that keep our hands warm in freezing winter. They are becoming one of the fashion statements these years. Different from gloves for men, womens gloves can also be made of silk and chiffon, not just leather or wool.

There are some types of gloves: fingerless gloves and mittens. We know sometimes it is inconvenient to wear a glove doing some meticulous work even just writing. But in winter, especially outside the house, it is a suffer to have your hands bared. Fingerless gloves are here to help! As for mittens, thanks to their smaller surface, they can reduce heat loss and our fingers maintain their warmth better when they are in contact with each other.

The best glove should be perfectly fit your hand, comfortable and plays its function properly. Like winter gloves from Zaful are made of super warm material. They came in knitted gloves and crochet ones. With different color and pattern, you can always find the one that you want. Leather gloves are stylish especially wearing them in a cold day walking on the street. Many fashionistas love to put on a leopard printed gloves to attend winter fashion show.

Our gloves are created better to perform better. Get your hands fashion today!

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