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Make a statement day-in and day-out in ZAFUL jeans.

When it comes to looking effortlessly chic, denim is your best friend. The universe of womens jeans can be at once both daunting and exciting; ZAFUL is here as a guide and to provide all the best jeans for women.

One of the most defining features of the jeans you wear is the cut. At this moment in fashion history, we're blessed by having an abundance of both high- and low-cut jeans. High waisted jeans make for a cute fit that goes especially well with crop-tops, while low rise jeans are going lengthen the appearance of your torso. Both of these lusciously hip-hugging fits are great basics for most occasions.

We also see a ton of variety when it comes to how jeans fit from the waist-down. One one extreme there's ultra-fitted skinny jeans, outlining every curve from ankle to thigh. Bell bottom jeans and flare jeans are going to give your feet a little bit of breathing space, which tapered jeans will grace your legs with loose pants that gather together at the ankle. Jogger jeans is another jean with a tapered fit, but with more elasticity around the hips and often a sporty drawstring.

On the opposite end of the jean-fit spectrum, we've got much-loved boyfriend jeans. It can be cute to go casual in a pair of these ultra loose jeans.

With jeans there's always more than meets the eye-- superb detailing can bring your jeans game to the next level. Ripped jeans and distressed jeans are the super-loved look of the decade, and although they look almost second-hand, they can be just the piece to pump up the personality in a simple outfit. For instance, a pair of black ripped jeans looks amazing with a denim button-up blouse.

For something a bit out of the ordinary, find embroidered jeans. Detailed embroidery on outerwear has recently taken off and looks like it's here to stay; amplify your individuality with awesome stitched-in designs! Once the cold weather rolls in, it'll also be good to look out for snug flannel lined jeans. The rainbow of jean colors can also be a way to revolutionize your looks, especially with black jeans that are especially in now.

The era of designer jeans is over; all varieties of jeans for women can be found here at ZAFUL! Nailing the best jeans fit for your body will be a major game changer, and it doesn't have to be difficult to realize. Most body types work with an array of jeans. Don't hold back; explore all the jeans ZAFUL has to offer!

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