• 0b2408sv

    Super cute Fits well Love it True to size Looks exaclty like the pictures Comfortable and of fantastic material I wear it all the time

  • Nats

    SUPER cute, goes with literally anything.

  • 20w1l6vq

    Super cute Fits well Comfortable and of fantastic material

  • Jessica Balan

    True to size. Very comfortable! the color is exactly like the pics.

  • 343f0318

    I love leopard print . Fits great .good design . Comfortable and of fantastic material True to size

  • 343f0318

    I loved it ! Color is so vibrant . Fits soooooo well and looking simply hot

  • Kaneda

    Perfect size M Beautiful colour ❤️Looks exaclty like the pictures True to size Love it

  • kekkaapis

    Ideal on every occasions, not just for the gym. Adorable!

  • kekkaapis

    Really very comfortable. I love it

  • melissaswisher18

    LOVE this bikini , it is so flattering , quality material, my favorite suit this summer !