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BY Jenniya

Sometimes I thought of how did I make it to blogging? I actually started my blog as a beauty blog. I do product reviews for make-ups and other beauty products and then I eventually made reviews of my outfits. I started sharing some of my outfits and some details where I bought it. Then, the rest is history. The products started pouring in mid of 2013 and I have cooperated with many online shops until ZAFUL contacted me for a possible cooperation around July 2016. Wow! It's been almost 2 years and I'm still amazed at this shop. I remember the items they sent over for the first time which I reviewed here:

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

I was amazed at the quality of the products they sent. I was happy to know that the prices are affordably cheap without compromising the products quality. As a blogger, I love sharing the online shops to my readers where they can really get their money's worth. Honestly, ever since I cooperated with ZAFUL, I gradually turn down some cooperations with other shops because I wanted to focus on which I can call really good shops. I filtered my cooperations and it was down to five including ZAFUL. It was good, really. The pressure lessened and I can review a product thoroughly. Because you know, my real work is always my priority. My real work is always in the driver's seat and blogging will always take the back seat.

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

My experience with Zaful has been harmonious and yes, until now. The persons working in Zaful has been very accommodating and I appreciated it so much. Sometimes, a miscommunication occurred but there's nothing that has not been rectified. They are generous in terms of the number of products to sent over to me. Then, I thought maybe I'm doing well and they always give generously in return. I remember several times when they sent products to me even though which I really find overwhelming. Then I'd say, "how I'm gonna squeeze my schedule to review all of these?" but I'm not really complaining at all. Instead, I feel glad that they put their trust in me. Ever since I cooperated with Zaful, my closet was half full of Zaful items. I am not kidding.

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

What I love about Zaful is that they have Z-Me whereas even you are already their blogger, you can still join in their activities. I have won once in their Mother's Day contest last year and I won a $50 cash coupon. I used my prize to shop for my Mom's outfit then. If you are not aware of yet, Z-Me is a joyful community where you can share anything about fashion. They have a lot of contests for you to choose from if you aspire to win some cash coupons. I love that they have this way of keeping not only their bloggers happy but of course, their customers. I can say that the bloggers here in Zaful are having a good time.

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