Zaful Try-on Haul! | Is It Worth It?!

BY Rachel Catherine

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Rachel and today I will be doing a Zaful haul and review you guys. I have worked with Zaful before and I'm working with them again. But of course I'll give you guys my honest opinions because I would not promote something that I don't genuinely love. And let me just tell you, I got some gems in this haul like some things that I want to wear every single day and there was some total misses as well. And I'll show you those and I'll tell you about those. But I tried to choose a big range of items in this order, so I have swimsuits, I have tops, I have body suits, I have a denim jacket, rompers, jumpsuits, jewelry, just like a bit of everything. So I'm really excited to get into it. I don't know where I should start. I think I'll start off with tops.

The first one that I have is this one. They all come packaged in little like Ziploc bags which I usually really like. I think that's a really smart idea. The first top that I got is this the right way up, is this top right here. I was gonna wear it on new year's eve but I didn't. But I think it's totally something you could wear on new year's or just to a party or just something to spice up like a totally black outfit. I think this would look really cute. But it's just like a little boob shoot kind of top. It's definitely not like incredible quality, like it's literally just a piece of fabric, like in a circle. But I really really like it, it's not itchy. It fits me quite well. I got a size small in everything I think. Except for maybe one or two items. But I'll specify if they're not a small. So if I don't tell you what size they are just assume it's a small.

The second top that I got is probably one of my favorite things that I ordered in this entire haul. And I feel like a lot of people probably won't like it and that's totally fine. But I love it. This is totally my style. It's this little top and it has this like little frill at the bottom. It's just this red yellow and black and white checkered kind of prints. I want to wear this every single day. It has a little bit of elastic at the back as well, so it's gonna fit you a bit better. Like it's not just like normal material all the way around, it has a little bit of stretch to it. So I really really really like this one, probably one of my favorite items out of the whole whole.

The next top that I got is a little bit different to me. I don’t usually wear like heaps and heaps of color, but this is definitely a lot of color. It's kind of hard to show here but obviously you guys will see in the try portion, but it's just this tough that looks like this, and then you tie it up at the back. And I really like these tops, they're very very very trendy at the moment. I've seen them in so many boutiques and stores and things like that. Zaful has this in a bunch of different colors, they have it like white, black, orange, red. But I really really liked the yellow. I did watch a haul where someone loved the yellow and they said it was a little bit see-through. Actually, no. They said it was like very see-through, but when I tried mine on, I don't think it's very see-through at all. Like it is a little bit but you could totally get away with it, like I don't think anyone would see anything. And honestly if I was that worried about it, I would just like maybe add a bit of lining to the inside. The haul that I watched where someone got this, they also got it in like the orange I think. And they said the orange wasn't see-through at all. So I think if you got like a darker color, it wouldn't be see-through. It was just because I got like the brightest one there. But I honestly don't find it very see-through. You guys will see it in the try and push in anyway and you guys can let me know if you think it's see-through or not. But I really really like this one as well.

Cut Out Bowknot Cropped Tank Top

And the last top that I've got is this red one which I love the color of it. And you guys will see in this haul, like throughout this haul, that I've been a little bit obsessed with this bright red color. But this is just another kind of little boob to be kind of top. And she's got elastic at the top and the bottom, and it's just kind of ribbed if you can see that. It's got this little bit of a frill kind of, I don't know what you'd call this, at the top. And I really like the concept of this top and I really like the color of it. But I don't think it fits me very well. I just don't think it's very flattering on me. This was probably one of my least favorite things that I ordered, I wish it looked really good. Because I love the color and they're like cut of it. But yeah, I just don't think it flatters me very much, so probably wouldn't recommend this one. Well, you guys can see what you think of it in the try oni portion, maybe you guys like that style. But I personally am just like not a huge fan.

Ribbed Flounced Tube Top

Ribbed Flounced Tube Top

I also ordered a bodysuit which I've never ordered from Zaful before and I feel like a lot of people who order from Zaful, buy this bodysuit. It's like one of the classics Zaful items that everyone seems to love and it's just this bodysuit that is everywhere at the moment. The whole like straight cut across and just like the thin spaghetti straps. And I can see why people love it so much. I ordered it in the black because I feel like I'll get the most wear out of the black one. But I've heard that the white one can be a bit see-through, so I don't know if I'd recommend that. But I definitely recommend the black. It also has adjustable straps, so if you're like me and don't like showing a lot of like cleavage and stuff, then you can just kind of change the straps to make it a bit shorter which I'm very thankful for. So I really really like this one actually.

Camisole Bodysuit

Camisole Bodysuit

Okay, what should we move on to next? I might move on to bikinis and swimwear. The first piece of swimwear that I've got is this black one-piece. It looks like kind of weird here, but I love this. Because it is lower back and I wanted a low back one-piece for the longest time. This one I just got in black, but it comes in so many different colors. It comes in gold and red and blue and just like so many beautiful colors. But I just want the black because I am basic. It has padding in the front as well in the chest area which I really appreciate, because I prefer to have padding there. because I'm not huge on freezing there, but if you are, you do you, I just don't want to share that with the world. But it did come with that weird circle looking, padding little lot of Asian wholesale websites come with. So I just switched it out with some padding from a different bikini that I have. And because they have a little opening here, it was super easy and I really really liked it.

High Cut Backless Swimsuit

High Cut Backless Swimsuit

And the second swimsuit that I got, it is so bright, but it's another red piece. As I said, I've been loving red. And it's just one of these kind of wraparound tie up bikinis. I have one of these from Zaful that I ordered. I don't even know when, I think it was over a year ago. But basically you just pop it on like this and you tie it up around your body and it's perfect, because you can make it fit you perfectly. But I have the navy one, so I wanted to get another one, because it's one of my favourite bikinis that I have. That's what the top looks like. And the bottom is a little bit different from my other pair, but it's just the same bright red color. And it's really nice because it's a full coverage bikini. And I'm not a fan of cheeky bikinis, that's just my personal preference. I like the full coverage. But it has these like two holes in the front, which make it just a little bit different than your normal swimmers. So I really like this, 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Padded Halter Wrap Bikini Set

Padded Halter Wrap Bikini Set

The next thing that I got, I am so impressed with. I don't think I've ever ordered bottoms from Zaful before. I order a lot of like dresses, playsuits, tops, t-shirts, things like that. But I don't think I've ever ordered any bottoms, because it just kind of scares me. I'm very particular about my sizing, I'm very very fussy, but I thought I would branch out and so I bought a skirt. And let me say that, I am so impressed. I've been so obsessed with denim skirts lately. I have a couple of denim blue, kind of colored ones and I have a pink one, but I don't have a black one. So I saw this and I was like, you know, what I'm just gonna, just gonna branch out, just gonna step out of my comfort zone. So I've got this and it's just this black a line skirt. You guys will see it in the try on portion, but it literally fits me like a glove. The lighting is probably gonna go super weird when I show you this, so please just bear with me. It has this detail at the front which the lighting is not doing a very good job of showing, but these little pieces here around the side are like a rose gold copper kind of color, and this button in the middle here is silver. You can kind of see it a bit better now. So I find it very weird that they do like copper mixed with silver. I feel like the rest of the time I'll be wearing a belt which will cover most of that up. Anyway and I don't think anyone's gonna be like, oh why is just skirt rose gold, and so far. Because no one really cares and I don't really care either, but I just found it a little bit weird. And the second thing that was a little bit weird which I have heard other people mention in theirs Zaful Hauls as well, was that when I received this skirt, the buttonhole where you put this little button here was sewn shut. So I just got scissors and I just cut it open, so I could actually put the plot in through. So it like wasn't a big problem, but I think it's just so weird that it was sewn shut, so you can't even put the button in and wear it properly. But I don't know, I just don't know why they do it, it wasn't like a huge hassle but it was just weird. But I really really really like this good, definitely another one of my favorite purchases out of this whole.

High Waisted Cutoffs Mini Denim Skirt

The next thing I got was also a denim piece and it is this denim oversized jacket. So as you guys can see, it's just this big blue denim jacket. But what I really liked about this is the detailing on the sleeves. So it's just got this rose detailing. I feel like this one looks so cute with the dress I'm wearing right now. But yeah, it's just this big oversized denim jacket. You guys would see what it looks like in the try on portion. I love the color of the denim, I really like the style of it, I just really really liked it. And the other thing which I found kind of weird when I'll try it on last night was that the buttonhole for the little wrist thing to put the button on here, if this makes sense, I'm not very good at explaining things. The little buttonhole is sewn shut just like it was in the skirt. I totally thought I ordered this one in like an extra-large so it would be huge, but apparently I ordered this small. But I like the fit of it anyway, so it's not an issue. But it also smells a bit weird. It almost smells like chlorine or something. But I feel like after you give it a wash it'll be totally fine, so I'm not really stressed about it, but it's just weird.

Drop Shoulder Rose Embroidery Jean Jacket

I also got two pieces of jewelry and I don't think I've ever ordered jewelry from Zaful before. But if you guys watch my videos regularly, you'll probably see that I really like wearing big earrings. I'm not wearing any today ironically, but I really like fun earrings. So I got a couple of pairs. The first pair I got us, so different and unique, and I really really like them. But they're just these gold hoop earrings, but they have little rocks, not sewn on to them but like attached to them. You guys will see in the close-up what they look like, but it's just like blue and peach and like a marble kind of design. I do really really like them, I don't think I've ever seen anything like them in stores before. So I'm really excited to wear these.

Bohemia Bead Hoop Earrings

And the second pair that I got are bright red, because I love red at the moment. But they are just this style here. This style is everywhere at the moment. I've seen them in so many stores. I think these ones were around the $5 dollar mark and I haven't seen them that inexpensive in any stores that I've been into. They also come in a bunch of different colors, but I have just been loving red lately, so I got the red. But they're just gold and they've got the red tassels on them. I really really like these ones.

Alloy Triangle Tassel Drop Earrings

The second last thing that I have is this playsuit. I love the pattern of this, it's like kind of like a black or maybe a navy. I think it's a black, with the kind of like a floral, almost like a frangipani design on it. I love the idea of this playsuit. I really do, but this fits me terribly like this is probably the biggest to miss that I have in this haul. I wish that it fit me and I wish that it looked cute, but it just doesn't. I just find it so weird, because the arms are quite tight and a weird length and the bottom half is quite tight and weird fit, but they're like front like the torso kind of part, like extremely loose. And I know that I am part of the itty bitty titty committee, but at the same time, it shouldn't be that loose if everywhere else is really really tight. And I didn't think I have really big arms and really big legs compared to my trousers. Maybe I do? If you have this playsuit, let me know if it fits you. But it just, it just doesn't and I would not recommend this one.

Belted Ruffles Floral Surplice Romper

And the last thing that I have to show you guys is a jumpsuit. It's like a three-quarter length jumpsuit. Obviously it's got the pants, that's why it's a jumpsuit. But it's like a white color and it's got this like pale pink and leaf print on it. And I think it's so incredibly beautiful. I think I might be able to wear this to like a wedding or to like a 21st or like some sort of nice event, and I'm really excited about it. I watched a haul where a girl got this, and she was like it's nice but it's see-through so I wouldn't recommend it. And I was like, ah, but it's so cute, I really wanted. So I ordered it anyway even though she said it was see-through. And I don't think it is see-through at all. I mean, like I wouldn't wear like black underwear with it, but I wouldn't wear black underwear with like any kind of white dress or skirt or anything like that, so I don't have a problem with it at all. You guys will see in the try on portion, tell me if it's see-through. Please tell me, because that would be a problem if I wore it out in public and it was but I don't think it is. I really like that. It has the kind of, like I don't know what you'd call this, like almost like a piece of rubber around the top, so it will stay up because it is strapless. And also that it has this elasticated back, so it's a lot more likely to fit and you're going to be a bit more comfortable and stretchy. And also it has a zip like right down the side, so it's a lot easier to get in and out of rather than just having the elastic. I absolutely love this and it's definitely again one of my favorite pieces that I've got. But I am like a little bit confused, because the size of this is a bit weird. I ordered a small in this as I ordered a small in everything else that I got in this haul, and everything else pretty much fits me perfectly. And this does fit me, but it's quite small. So if I were you, I probably would size up. I think I mentioned this before, but I'm a size six to eight in Australian sizing. But I probably would have got a medium if I would order this again. Because it's just a little bit too tight and I have a little bit of a struggle getting the zip up. But I think it's totally worth it, because it's so beautiful.

Leaves Print Strapless Jumpsuit

So obviously as you guys can see, I've got some really good pieces this time, and I love a lot of them. There were only a couple misses. So I'm very happy with my order and a lot of people kind of doubt Zaful, but I think they have some real gems hidden amongst some thorns. But other than that, I will leave all the links to all of the items that I have showed in the description box below as I always do, because I know a lot of you guys will probably want to check these ones out. But if you have any other questions, just leave them in the comments below and I'll try my best to answer them for you. And other than that, I'll see you guys in my next video very soon. Good bye~

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