BY Stephanie Soo

Hey guys, I hope you guys are excited for this video because it's been a minute since I did a haul. And today we're going to be hauling affordable online clothing. As you guys know from my previous haul video, I started exploring the world of affordable Chinese online clothing websites.

Now I've heard of Zaful mainly for their bikinis which I did get a couple, but mainly I got clothes, cuz I don't really wear bikinis all that often. I'm not like trying to like show off my body everyday, I like to wear loose things where you don't know.

So let's just get started.

Let's talk about website and packaging. And shipping is real quick the website for me was a little bit easy to navigate, I liked it.

And I do love their packaging the most out of any affordable website that I've used. Typically, they come in like these clear weird plastic wraps, but Zaful actually sends you every single piece in a zip close - like heavy duty plastic bag. Now I am going to repurpose every single one of the bags that they sent me, so I'm gonna go to Atlanta next month and I feel like I'm gonna stick some shoes in here, I'm gonna stick some underwear in here... I mean this is perfect for traveling and I'm actually really impressed by the packaging. That was like the first thing that I was like, okay, them Zaful, you could get it.

So let's see how it fits though.

So the last two pieces that I got, this came in a set, so it I guess is considered one piece, is this camo workout legging and sports bras set. Now I saw a really really beautiful girl at the gym wearing a camo set and since that day I've been looking online at camo sets and they're all kind of pricey. So when Zaful reach out to me and I saw this on their website, this was like one of the first things that I had to add into the cart. I'm really excited.

Let's give it a try. Guys, I think we have a bit of a winner here, I will give you guys the rundown of this, cause I got a lot to say about this outfit. I like the camo print, it's super comfortable like I could literally like just that's, not even doing anything, but I could do a lot in this. I feel like it doesn't restrict any movement, I feel like I could take a Zumba class in this, like I could get real of it okay? it's really comfortable. I like the length, it falls at the ankles, but it doesn't scrunch up, so it's good for like a shorter girl. If you're tall, maybe get a size up. The butt wise, because I really have a very small butt, it doesn't make my butt look super tiny but it's make it look super big either.

But overall, it doesn't make it look smaller than it is. It just it's very true to size on the butt portion. I like the sports bra it's really comfortable.I like this one, I like this one a lot and like from the side too. Like this amount of skin doesn't make me look fat either.

Camouflage Bra and Bodycon Yoga Leggings

The next thing that I got is this black and white striped t-shirt dress. I got this because I wanted something to wear when I get out of the gym after I shower. Because I got this camo thing a couple of days ago and I absolutely love it. I've been wearing it like every day without washing it. That's disgusting but yes I do that. And it's a good thing, let me try it on. I actually really like this, I know most people are gonna, like oh my god, you look like a paper sack. But like, when t-shirt dresses are really tight, it takes away the casualness of it. And I just really wanted like a casual like I'm going to Whole Foods, I'm going to the gym, like type of dress where I could just literally do nothing and just feel like I have nothing on. Here's a tip though, my mom always told me to stay away from horizontal stripes, cause they'll make you look wide, but what I realized in my time of being alive on this planet is the wider the stripes the wider you look. So these stripes are really really thin, like you can barely see that they're stripes from far. So they actually act like they give me the appearance of looking kind of slim though. I could be wrong. OK, I need pants for the next couple of ones. So I'm just putting on pants that I had, I got these in cost.

Round Collar Striped Mini Shift Dress

Round Collar Striped Mini Shift Dress

Ribbed Flounced Tube Top

Ribbed Flounced Tube Top

Knitting Cropped Tank Top

Knitting Cropped Tank Top

Cropped Flounced T-Shirt

Cropped Flounced T-Shirt

Speaking of nipples, I wanted to get like a cute t-shirt. I feel like these are in trend these days where you have like something risque where your boobies are. And I want to draw attention to my small boobs you know? So this is what the top looks like, I think obviously I wouldn't wear like this, I think I would have it cropped and just kind of like tuck it in or tie it. I feel like it'll look better tied. I think it's really cute, I mean it just looks like a regular t-shirt. It feels good, I really like the hearts on here, I think it's so cute. I think this is like so Instagram where they write, but I would pair this one definitely with some high-waisted shorts in the summer. And it's starting to get hot in LA already, it's gonna be like 82 freaking degrees this weekend, so maybe I'll go to the beach in this.

Heart Print Longline Tee

So the next thing that I got, obviously I can't try on the top for you guys. I tried it on before filming this hall, just to get the comfortability type of situation here and this is just a nightie. It's like a bra, it's not really like a supportive bra, it's not padded, it's just like sexy lingerie type of thing. I like the band on this, it's wireless, it's really comfortable. This is really cute, my nipple does kind of peek out a little bit and it's really sexy, I like it! But that comes with these like silk satinish bottoms, that they're definitely not satin or silk 100% for sure, but they feel like it, they look like it. It does remind me of Victoria's Secret. Um... Maybe a little bit less soft, but not that big of a difference, I do have a couple Victoria Secret sets, and it feels kind of similar. Wow~ It's actually really comfortable. Oh my god! I'm so pale and like so totally that's not even cute like, but it's really comfortable and really cute. I feel like this is what you wear when you're like, kind of boyfriend comes over, like he's not like officially your boyfriend but you trying to make it official. So you're like, oh this little thing, like I sleep in this all the time.

Sheer Lace Bra with Pajama Shorts

Padded Smocked Bralette Bikini Set

Low Waisted Padded Scoop Bikini Set

Spaghetti Straps Padded Bikini Set

All right, guys, overall thoughts on this website, I like it. I actually think it's my preferred online Chinese website as of right now. I, there's a couple of websites that I still haven't actually ever bought from. I would definitely recommend if you are gonna check out Zaful, try this one where I really like the workout gear.

The army print workout here, the white top, oh my gosh I love those. And I love all these cute like trendy crop tops. I used to shop at Urban Outfitters a lot and they have similar stuff and it's also expensive. So if you guys are looking to save money, check it out. I'll leave the links below and Zaful also provided me with a 10% off coupon for you guys. So I will link that below, so you guys can get 10% off of your. It's actually 15! First order which you know, save that point. This place is already pretty affordable so you'll be saving a lot of coin if you decide to use them. Let me know if you guys are gonna buy anything, if you guys have had experiences with Zaful and what you guys want me to haul next, so that I can get that ready for you guys.

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