Zaful Try-on Haul 2018 | Trendy Clothing for Cheap!!

BY Kris Hui

For today's video, as you can see by the title, we're doing a try on haul and I'm actually working with Zaful. So thank you so much to Zaful for sending over these items to me. I've worked with them quite a lot in the past and I really like their stuff. Because it's very affordable, very trendy, very cute and I've had pretty good luck with most of the pieces that I received from them. So you guys should check it out, I will leave the links to the website down below in the description bar and I think I might even have a coupon code yeah, just check down below for that. Anyways without further ado, let me just get on into showing you some of the new pieces that I picked out for new year.

So majority of the clothes that I picked out are very suitable for the winter, slash colder seasons. And that's because where I'm from, San Francisco, it gets pretty chilly here, so I definitely wanted to stock up on some sweaters. First one I have here is this blackish grayish knit sweater. And it has a turtleneck and it's cropped. And this is gonna be a try on haul, so obviously you guys will see what these look like on. But yeah, this one is just a nice chunky chunky sweater and I love the fact that it's cropped because I can wear it with high-rise jeans or skirts or I don't know. I feel like anything cropped is really cute and a lot more versatile. I feel like this sweater is just super flattering and it fits me perfectly which I was a little bit surprised about because on their website these are one size fits all. So when I picked this out, it was a little bit of a risk. I'm about five nine and a half and I usually wear about a size medium in tops or especially sweaters. So yeah this one fit perfectly. I just read the reviews and looked at the size chart provided on the website. Super warm, super quality and the color of it is just super easy to match with. So I'm really a fan of this sweater.

Next up I got another sweater here but this one is just a simple sort of boatneck sweater. This one is really cool because it's nice and oversized so I can just throw it on slouchy, lazy, cute and comfy all at the same time. It's got all sorts of brown and tan going on. And it's just one of those perfect sort of knit chunky sweaters, very wintery. So, yeah.

I'm so excited about this next one. Woah, so I got one of these big big fluffy. I don't know what these are called, the teddy bear coats? They have very similar jackets like these at urban and they're so ridiculously expensive. I think they're like 80 bucks but this one was way cheaper on Zaful and so soft, quality is amazing. It's really well. It's just one of those big chunky jackets that I can throw it over anything and be super super warm. It's literally like a blanket. This is really nice tan or cream-colored and then the inside is white. I've definitely seen these type of jackets in a lot of different stores and I think that it's very functional piece of clothing, so I decided to get one for myself.

So I actually have one more sweater for Zaful. It's really nice terracotta orange color and it's like a cable knit sweater. I think I want to wear it more off the shoulder and we're like a cute bra underneath. Just because I think something looked a little off about the sleeve and the seam on the arms. It just looks kind of odd, but I feel like when I wear it off to one side, like this, it looks okay. I'll figure it out. The quality of this again is really really good and I am absolutely in love with this color. This is probably one of my favorite colors for clothing.


Next up, I picked up this blouse from Zaful. I really like the pattern of this. It's not exactly checkered but it's checkered I guess. As you can see, it's pretty much just like a white blouse and it doesn't really have much of a collar. But it does have a v-neck line and this one fits are really really well. I love that. It's like a high-low top. I picked this one out because I thought that this would be really cute with just like jeans and my black working stuff. That could be a very casual but chic sort of outfit. But I could definitely dress this up for a more business sort of look if I ever have like an interview to go to or I can wear this to chapter for my sorority.


So I did pick out a good amount of sweaters and coats and tops and whatever. But I did decide to pick up some dresses and skirts. I picked up this one right here and it's very very simple. There's nothing really much to it. The neckline is sort of squared and then it just goes straight down and it has a little tie that goes in the back or actually maybe in the front. I don't know, you guys will see in the try on. Edges up at the bottom are kind of free which is probably just a part of the look of it.

And then next I got this other dress which is a very also similar style to the one that I just showed you. A squared neckline and it's a really pretty orange terra cotta rusty color. And it has some stripes going up and down the dress. And this one is a little bit different, so the back is more open. But then it ties and you can just do a preview though. It's not like super tight-fitting, so it's still very comfortable and breathable. And I think that this would just be super cute for when it gets warmer.

Next few things that I have to show you guys are skirts. And the last time that I worked with Zaful actually picked out a couple of skirts, so I ended up really really liking. So I decided to pick out some more just because I love wearing these when I go out. I have like a nice event to go to. First grade that I picked out is this one right here. I don't know why it's coming off a lot more brown on camera but it's actually just straight up olive green. It's a suede lace-up skirt and just the detailing of it is so good. It has these cool pockets on the front and this lace-up detailing it's just amazing. I freaking love it. They have this skirt in a bunch of different colors, so it was really hard for me to choose which one I wanted. Now that I know how well it fits me, I might have to pick this one up in a few other colors.

Next I got this skirt right here and it's again another suede skirt. But this one is very different and interesting. It's a nice tan brown color. You can see that it ties up right here in the front which is really really cute. There's just like a slit in the middle I guess, comes down on either side. And yeah, this one is super flattering as well. And I thought that this would be really interesting and different. I've never seen a skirt quite like this.

Next up I got this skirt. Well, actually it's a skort. So you can see, they're straight-up shorts on the back but the front is super super cute. It ties up in a cute little knot on the side and it's a checkered pattern. so I'm definitely getting sort of schoolgirl bags with this one and I think that this with knee-high boots would be super super cute. This one is super super stretchy because it has that ruched waistline, really really comfortable and the quality of the fabric is good.

Next thing that I have to show you guys is completely random and totally not for this season at all. But I saw on the website and I was like ..hmm.. so I actually caught a bikini. And I know it's not even gonna be hot in San Francisco ever and I'm not gonna be able to wear this for a good amount of time, but I decided why not you can never have too many bikinis right? So, I've seen these type of swimsuits a lot on like Instagram and what not. And I'm pretty sure that this is a dupe for a very expensive somewhere brand. The quality of this one is like really good, so I'm really happy that this one worked out. This swimsuit is very very flattering because it has this underwire and it kind of goes like right under your boob and a little bit up. I don't know how to quite describe, you guys will see in the try on fit. It got in all of green color just because I don't have any swimsuits in this color. And I thought that this look really good when I'm nice and tan again. Oh, I feel so pale right now and the winter season just makes me kind of depressed. I’m really excited just be tan again. So when that time comes around, this swimsuit will look really good. The top looks like this and the bottoms are very very cheeky which is really good for tanning. But I don't know how comfortable I would be wearing this. But anyways, super cheeky bottoms and they fit really really well.

The last thing I have from Zaful to show you guys is this phone case right here. So pretty! So this case is obviously super super thin probably doesn't offer much, no, it isn’t offer protection at all. The detailing is just so nice, look at the gold leaves in the shading, I love it! I got this phone probably a year from now and ever since I've been using a fat ugly OtterBox and so I decided it's time for me to get a cute case. If you guys are looking for a cute inexpensive case, definitely check out Zaful. They have so many different designs and this was literally like a dollar maybe two.

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