ZAFUL launching new brand identity and first official TVC

BY Eileen Cullen


While preparing for London Fashion week,

fast fashion brand ZAFUL is launching its new image of VI design from

a slight update of "ZAFUL" logo to an all VI design including the gift bag,

price tags and color scheme throughout the website and app.

By releasing the first ever official TVC, ZAFUL is addressing its global audiences' fashion desire in the younger group.


- About ZAFUL -

Founded in 2014, ZAFUL is devoted to providing trendy and cost-efficient fashion products

for all the young women worldwide.

In 2017, ZAFUL was ranked 34th in Top 50 China Export Brands by BrandZ,

the world's largest brand equity database and KPMG & Facebook Top 50 China's Export Brands.

So far, ZAFUL has provided fast fashion products for the consumers in 180 countries.

ZAFUL's vision is to become the global leader in online fast fashion.


- The VI exemplifies our ambitions -

A soft and mild new logo can be seen now on ZAFUL's official website.

Instead of the original simple version,

the updated logo has a softer touch on the letter "Z" to highlight the femininity

and representation of all ZAFUL's girls.


"Before, ZAFUL did not show much of its personality in the visual identity.

In the design, we are trying to represent our consumers and fans by speaking directly to them.

A much more vibrant colour palette in the product display and the website design

is our attempt to get closer to the younger generation." Graphic designer Tianyu Xia explained

the concept behind the whole VI design,

which was accomplished by the in-house designers of ZAFUL.


"The VI exemplifies our ambitions, including what ZAFUL is trying to become and to achieve.

Updating the logo and VI shows how ZAFUL is entering its new era

and heading to a more personalized brand," Tianyu said.


- What do you want" from ZAFUL? -

As London Fashion Week gets closer,

ZAFUL released its first ever official TV commercial on its YouTube channel,

which will also be displayed during the ZAFUL x Victor Wong SS19 show on 16th September.


In the video, ZAFUL is no longer just a fashion brand,

but a close companion who is deeply involved in daily life and relates to the values of the younger generation.

Editing director Apollo Jiang commented: "We are on a journey to build brand affinity.

By physically changing and personalizing brand values,

we are trying to present that you can be 18 on ZAFUL and stay the eighteen-state-of-mind as well."

- Recommandation -