BY Claire Wilson


ZAFUL is currently looking for unique, outgoing individuals to help us promote our brand on American College Campuses.

We have three roles available, each with its own responsibilities and exclusive benefits.



As a Campus Brand Ambassador, you will be responsible for building awareness of the ZAFUL brand on campus, as well as managing our student Facebook group.

For this role we’re looking for positive individuals with great organizational skills and an enthusiasm for marketing.

People that are familiar with social media will be highly preferred. In return you will receive free ZAFUL products, performance bonuses, and an exclusive staff discount.

As a Campus Event Organizer, you will be the person in charge of organizing marketing events; from beginning to end. This role requires a highly enthusiastic individual that is dedicated and well organized.

People with great problem-solving skills would be very suitable for this role. We expect this person to organize 2 events every quarter, and in exchange they will receive a bonus of up to $1000 (based on event performance) and an opportunity to intern at our HQ.

For those that have an interest in sales, we also have a position available.



As a Campus Sales Representative you will also be responsible for creating brand awareness on campus, but you can also earn commission through any sales that you make.

If you are an active social media user with a large network on campus, you may be very suitable for this role. By acting as one of our sales reps you can receive up to 15% sales commission, $200 worth of ZAFUL products every month, and extra bonuses for good sales performance. If you have any interest in the above roles, then please don’t hesitate to inquire further.



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