Zaful Bikini Haul Try On 2018!

BY Gretchen Geraghty

Hey everyone, so today I have a swimsuit haul video for you guys. And there are just so many of these swimsuits that I picked up from Zaful. I love them, you guys know that. Like I've literally showed some suits from Zaful for so long now. You can obviously see pictures on my Instagram, it's Zaful, like Emma, Maggie wear them too. And everyone's gonna ask how's actually on our Instagram post since we've been here in Laguna, like oh my god where those from. In Zaful! So many swimsuits are from Zaful.

First one I will show you guys is this striped one. And I'm gonna start off with like some of my favorites, because I tried this on last night. And I was like, Maggie this is so cute. She was like, you look so good in that. And it's just this white top with like blue stripes, you can see the style. I really like the stripes of this, because I'm like a stripe girl, I'm obsessed. And these ones are actually kind of like cover more, you know, because some actually most of our babies are pretty like cheeky, like some of the ones in here, you'll see. So it's kind of good for me to get some ones with coverage in case you're with people that your whole bunch gonna be thinking... Yeah.

Then we got this navy blue one with just some white trim. And maggie has a bathing suit that looks just like this from Zaful as well. So this kind of looks like that. They also have so many freaking bathing suits on there. And then these are the bottoms like low waist, maybe blue. I really like the color of these. I can tell they're gonna be like super flattering. They're a little more cheeky, we like the cheeky ones, because you know, what would you call girlfriend! Also I know that Zaful like it's super affordable like if you can tell. You can get like so many bathing suits, like normally I wouldn't buy like 32 amazing suits or whatever, but like at a time, but you can at Zaful. Because it's literally they're like so much cheaper. I know they range from like 10 to like 20 dollars, that's most of their bathing suits. And like nowadays, I feel like you can get a top for like 30 or 40 dollars. So it's really nice having like more cheap bathing suits, because then you can get more and ones that are trendy now. And then also I know that if you spend above $30 you'll get free worldwide shipping, so that is lip. I didn't even know that. Oh I guess I should tell you, I actually got mediums in all of these, because I used to get like smalls for everything on Zaful. Like all the bathing suits I found were smalls. But I noticed that their bottoms, I would say run pretty small. On the tops, due to like generally they run small. I know that's kind of like a known thing, like a lot of people say Zaful runs like a size small, so I would recommend sizing if you don't like your bathing suits like really tight, I still have some smalls that'll wear but like mediums are kind of more enjoyable. Hopeful you can't hear that beeping... Yeah, so these are the mediums, but I would say they like fit as a small, because normally I get smalls in bathing suits.

Okay then this style you'll see I've really been enjoying because I got a bunch like this. But this is just a white and navy blue striped top again. We really like the stripes and I really like this scoop neck design of these, because I just think they're like really flattering and cute. These are just the bottoms feel bit.

And then these two bathing suits are actually the same style, just some different colors. And this is like a maroon red one again, like I just think this just so cool. And I like that there's like a little band right there. They like cover more, so I don't know, I just think it's really cute. You can even wear with like shorts and it could be like a crop top. And I like the cut of these bottoms as well, they're like a little more cheeky for those of you that like cheeky things. And then this is the same one but in yellow. And I have like no yellow bathing suit, so I know this will make you look so tan as well.

Okay then this mean I’m just saying is literally gonna make you look so tan, girlfriend. Because it's like this bright orange pink coral color. And I love the scalloped detail like scalloped details on swimsuits are just so adorable. And in the bottoms just to go with. This is slipping gonna be my new favorite. It's been all of you ask me on instagram where it's from. You will know, the og people will know, its from zaful.

These are actually the same one, but I got two different colors. And this white one I actually had before when I went to Miami. I posted pictures in it and everybody are like oh my god you are so cute. But I left it in Miami, so I had to order it again. And it's just like this white off the shoulder on top, and again you can literally wear, this is a good crop top, we've, like high waisted jeans, shorts and it looks like so cute. And then just plain white bottoms to go with. And then I got a royal blue, same, literally same swimsuits. But it's just like the royal blue version. Again, love like the off the shoulder detail and in the matching bottoms to go with.

And then this, me and Maggie had fun, try on yesterday. And I just thought this looked so fun like I had to get this one. It's like this, like Mexican crochet style like top. And then the bottoms to go, it's like a little two-piece set and I just like. This is so fun guys. These bottoms right a little small and cheeky, but I think that's like a point of them, you know what I mean? Like you're like the beach, you can go in frolic in the sand and then that's my plan anyway. So I like that a lot.

This I actually had this exact top. You guys remember this summer. I remember the haul I showed yet. But I have this exact top and like this white cream color, and I wore it a bunch of Nantucket This gives me like a Nantucket vibes and memories. It's just like crochet and cute and this is green army, I love it.

Oh and this, so, like I got some like crop tops, kind of more clothes with this, because these clothes look as well on Zaful. And this white top looks actually identical to a white crop top I have from Urban Outfitters, but I lost that one. And this looks exactly the same and is probably like update of the price. So this is super cute, definitely recommend. We love little crop tops like this.

Where are we high waisted things? Oh and then this. So you probably recognize, maybe, I don't know. This I have a royal blue velvet swimsuit that looks just like this from Zaful as well. But this one's kind of like a more medium royal blue and my other ones like darker, so I've literally got another one. Because I wear it so much and I'm obsessed with it. I wanted fourth of July if you saw pictures of me in that from like instant or whatever. This is like super cute, I love like the velvet trend. And I think I like these bottoms more than the other ones. They're like super cheeky and we like the cheeky. You know?

Okay, then to my last one. Okay, so this one is just black. And you know we're just saying that we'd like see this one around on Instagram and the styles like super adorable, you can't really see it. This one is like really cute and just like different and new I feel. I've just seen pictures of girls in it and there's definitely like more expensive ones in this. And this one's way more affordable, so if I absolutely recommend this one. It's kind of like trendy and then you just got some matching bottoms to it. These are also gonna be so cute, look how they like dip down in the middle and stuff, like for me really flattering.

Basically, we're really excited to go try all these puppies out on the beach. These are gonna be so cute, let me go to the beach right now. I can't wait!! Thank you guys so much for watching, I'll see you next video. Bye~

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