Z-Star Issue.05 - Vlada Cotorobai

BY Claire Wilson


Today's Z-Star is - Vlada Cotorobai, a fashion/travel blogger from Moldova!

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ZAFUL: How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

Vlada: I’ve always liked to play around with clothes and clothes, always knew that I have sense of style,

so I started by creating my own fashion blog and post my outfits. I was so happy when people enjoyed my content.


ZAFUL: How would you best describe your blog and style?

Vlada: Simple and stylish


ZAFUL: How much time do you usually need for your outfits before going out?

Vlada: Some days takes 5 minute but the other days maybe an hour. It depends on how I feel that day :)

ZAFUL: At the moment, are there certain autumn/winter trends/styles you are loving and why?

Vlada: Yep! The leopard print and the nude tones! Looove the camel suits !


ZAFUL: When is your first time to know about ZAFUL and what do you think about this brand?

Vlada: I had a collaboration offer from ZAFUL and then I started to enjoy the clothes and started to be a loyal customer.

Loooove ZAFUL because of the variety of the clothes, because the prices worth the products, and especially I love for the fastest shipping!


ZAFUL: What's your favorite ZAFUL piece that you featured in your blog lately and why?

Vlada: My favorite ZAFUL piece was the coziest sweater I’ve ever got in my life, cause I’m a big fan of sweaters!