You Are More Glamourous With These Dresses This Summer!


Most girls are putting their dress on, if you are still confused what to wear for this early summer, check out what Zaful recommend you. These dresses are in trends, follow us and you will be the spot light.

1. Bandage Dress

Speaking of unique dresses, bandage dresses pop out of my head. With different cutting, there are overall bandage and split bandage belt. No matter which you pick, it is refreshing to wear a bandage skirt. It is so British style and you can match it with any statement, suitable for both working hour and vacation.

Velvet Cross Back Bodycon Mini Dress - Pink

Credit @moooniiiaaa_

Solid Color Packet Buttock U Neck Sleeveless Dress - Wine Red

Credit @julietmonroe_

2. Floral Dress

No way, floral dress again? Yes, no matter how many years have been through, floral dress is the perfect item for summer. They showed up at a really high proportion in street photograph during the fashion week. Zaful strongly recommend you girls on our new arrival floral dresses. No matter what age you are, different patterns of flower can show your own temperament. Sharp, retro, or low key, etc.

Floral Print Keyhole Neck Swing Dress - Black

Credit @jelenagojkovic_

No matter is floral maxi dress or floral mini dress, floral dress never out of date.

Tiny Floral Maxi Bandeau Dress - Orange Red

Credit @lady_adara

Get the Tiny Floral Maxi Bandeau Dress.     Now: $27.06 Was: 37.52

3. See-through Dress

You might have noticed that the appearance of see through dresses are particularly increasing. So in this summer, especial for a season to show your bare skin, see-through dresses are must have to be a fashionista. Many girls have a affection on chiffon, maybe because of the beautiful dream of wedding dress. Despite the youth of girls, black chiffon adds some mystery and sweetness.

Floral Embroidered Mesh Sheer Dress - Black

4. Off the shoulder Dress

We have countless articles about off the shoulder items, you can feel its importance. Of course, our designers play this statement really well with showing just one shoulder or cold shoulder. You can check here for off the shoulder plus flounce fashion, Zaful is gonna show another statement to illustrate the sexy goddess: one shoulder. Girls can choose your own dress to cover unfavorable and just leak some bare skin.

Maxi Off The Shoulder Floral Print Cocktail Dress - White

Credit @modamobofficial

Maxi Off The Shoulder Floral Print Cocktail Dress - White

Credit @danielagpires