Why You Should Not Go Out In The Sun For Long?

BY Mayank

Do you remember the 90s when people never covered their face from the sun like they do it now? The sun has become a lot harsher than it used to be. The environmental pollution has given us multitude of reasons to avoid exposing ourselves to the sunny days. Prolonged exposure to sunrays can cause skin cancer, scars, aging effects, sunstroke, dehydration and even death. Gone are the days when sun was considered as a healing commodity. Earlier, exposure to sunlight was called as heliotherapy by Greeks and yogis. Talking technically, sun exposure can still stimulate healing. However, there is a certain limit that should be kept in mind for it. The strongest sun rays are between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and therefore, you must expose your skin to the natural light either before or after this time interval. Let us look at a few reasons for avoiding frequent sun exposure:

Sunburn: Sun burns caused because of prolonged exposure can badly hurt your skin. It can even last for the entire summer season and make your skin look extremely dull and dark. The best way to avoid facial skin damage is by covering it all over with a protective scarf like this maroon scarf. Just drop it in your handbag and carry it wherever you go.

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Cataract: As you grow old, cataract; a white layer gradually covers your eyeball. However, if you have a frequent Sun exposure, the formation of such a white layer can stimulate. If left untreated for a considerable long span of time, cataract can take away your vision and cause permanent blindness. Wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

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Ageing spots, fine lines and wrinkles: Have you ever noticed some people have brown pigment, sagginess, and patchiness all over the face? Sun is to be blamed for it. The dark spots are often referred to as solar lenities. They are undesired and embarrassing at the same time. The ones who remain outdoors for longer time periods will naturally age faster than the ones who remain protected. Frequent sun exposure can cause loss of collagen and moisture from the skin surface.

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Fragile hair: Sun exposure leads to loss of moisture and strength from all the body parts. Your hair is no exception to it. Long exposure will require you to condition your hair more often than usual. the best remedy is to carry a hat over your head whenever taking a step out in the sun. Buy the beautiful pink colored Double Metal Circle Baseball Hat and avoid any potential hair damage.

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Hard skin surface: Men have harder skin surface than the women. Do you know why? Because men have exposed themselves much more to sunlight than women. Sun exposure causes skin to lose elasticity and develop roughness. It also gives an overall weathered look to the skin. Just few minutes of Sun exposure is enough to extract a considerable amount of moisture from epidermis.

Possibility of skin cancer: People who suffer from sun burns and rashes because of UV Ray exposure are at maximum risk of skin cancer. Frequent sunburns can stimulate the risk of developing cancer cells and this is why you should protect yourself from the Sun.

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