What You Need Know About ZAFUL's Delivery Time

We know that one of the customer complaints of ZAFUL is concerning phone number contact, and we have provided some tips to call ZAFUL at the proper time. In this post, we will talk about customer complaints on ZAFUL delivery time.

Customer complaint 1: Shipment is a problem but the clothes are really cute.

Customer complaint 2: Two bikinis in my order came within 15 days, the third bikini came in about 25 days!!!

Both of the customer complaints above focusing on ZAFUL delivery time are from a third part reviews site. 

There must be someone has the same complaints with the following customers, and someone has complaints more than the following customers'. Now let's face them and analyze the shortest and the longest delivery time of ZAFUL.

Processing time

It will take some time for ZAFUL to prepare your order and then give it to shipping companies, The period can be calculated from receiving your order to physically dispatching your order which is called “processing time”.

 The processing time may take one business day, but ZAFUL usually claimed that it takes 3 business days.

Different items may have different processing time. ZAFUL claimed that the average processing time is approximately 4 business days. 

However, it may also be affected by the stock status of individual items, the time of the holidays, etc. Additionally, the longest processing time we sought on ZAFUL was 7-15 business days.

Shipping time

Different countries or regions need different time for shipping.

If you want to know the shipping time of other countries or regions, pls check it by clicking on ZAFUL Shipping Info.

Delivery time

Before we calculate the shortest delivery time and the longest delivery time, firstly we should know about the business day. 

The definition of The Business Day is every official working day of the week which can also be regarded as a working day. 

Typically, they are referring to the days between and including Monday to Friday, while does not comprise weekends and public holidays.

Now, Let’s just consider weekends, ignore public holidays and calculate the delivery time. Delivery time is processing time and shipping time.

The shortest delivery time= 3 business days(processing time)+6 business days(shipping time)=9 business days.

To illustrate, if ZAFUL received your order on Monday, 9 business days means 11 days. If ZAFUL received your order on Friday, 9 business days means 13 days. So the shortest delivery time on ZAFUL is 11 days.

The longest delivery time=15 business days(processing time)+15 business days(shipping time)=30 business days.

If ZAFUL received your order on Monday, in this case, 30 business days means 40 days. Besides, if ZAFUL received your order on Friday, 30 business days means 42 days. Therefore the longest delivery time is 42 days.

My reviews

In fact, all the above analysis are just estimations. Is ZAFUL shipped your order within 1 day, and you choose the method of express shipping, the shortest time maybe 9 days. 

And if the shipping time is affected by some factors which out of shipping companies' control like bad weather, the longest delivery time may be longer than 42 days.

Anyway, ZAFUL will ensure their customers have received their parcels. If you lose your parcels, contact ZAFUL support center and submit a ticket which is the best way to solve your complaints.