What To Wear This Summer?


Every day, women are racking their brains trying to figure out what they should wear tomorrow. When summer comes, there is another question that springs up, ‘How do we wear fashionable clothes whilst staying cool?’. Dresses are a good choice for this situation, but we also have to wear pants on special occasions. What can we do in order to wear pants and stay cool? We just need to overcome the 2 main issues, style and color.

Style: Loose equals cool

Shorts, long shorts that go down to your knee, are inspired by men's fashion. This is a much cooler option than wearing full length pants. It is usually too hot to wear pants in the summer but also too cold to wear shorts in the air conditioning. Bermuda shorts are perfect for providing the right amount of coverage whilst remaining stylish. Most importantly, they have the modest length of the pencil skirt making them suitable for the workplace. They help us cover small flaws, such as flat buttocks and a slightly thick thigh.
Raw Edge Wide Leg Pants

Cropped pants

Compared with the Bermuda shorts, cropped pants are more effective in showing off leg length.

Just by revealing your ankle and adding a high heeled shoe, this look will make you appear taller. Cropped pants are also suitable for any workplace, leisure and holiday occasions.

Capri Ripped Wide Leg Pants

How do you look amazing in cropped pants? With high heeled shoes, you will instantly look elegant; with flat shoes, you will have instant holiday style.

The wide leg cropped pants are our favorite, as they even give the appearance of a dress when we put our legs together.

Pleated Chiffon Culotte

Tall Wide Leg Pants
Do you think that only super models can have long legs? No, no, no! Try the combination of high waist pants and high heels, this will stretch you up and down at the same time giving you the appearance of super long legs. But won’t wearing long pants be too hot? Rest assured that wide leg pants breathe freely. Select a cool fabric which will help you enjoy the summer breeze.

off the shoulder top and print palazzo pants


Color can vary from person to person and also can change based on what style you are trying to achieve. We are going to focus on the two most popular colors this summer, red and white, keep reading to learn more.


Many people do not know that a good way to stay cool in the summer is by wearing red. Scientists experimented putting clothing of different colors outside in the sun for 20 minutes. They found that, from an outdoor temperature of 32℃, red clothing won, getting only 36.5℃ at it’s hottest. Whereas white got to a temperature of 36.9℃ and black 37.1℃. Scientists explained that red light wavelengths are much longer, which allows them to absorb a large number of UV rays from the sun, giving the effect of sunscreen and heat dispersion.

Red Plunging Neck Sleeveless Jumpsuit


Just from the perspective of scientific analysis, wearing red is the coolest thing in the summer. But psychologists believe that the color red can irritate the eye and increase blood pressure, making you feel excited or agitated. So from the perspective of visual perception, light colors, such as white, are a better way to keep you calm and cool. According to different materials, the SPF of white pants can reach between 33℃ and 57℃, and do not easily absorb heat. Making them great for keeping you cool in the summer.

Low Cut High Slit Midi Dress