What Kind Of Shoes Should You Will Be Wearing When It Rains?


Finding awkward to style yourself during a rainy season? Since rainy season is full of Dirt and water all over, it's a good idea to keep your feet clean and dry by protecting them with proper shoes. And if you don't want to spoil your favorite sneakers with the side by Nile, it's time to invest few bucks in a waterproof pair of shoes that literally high five your feet. Rainy season is a real stumper for all men and women who remain busy throughout the year. Below we have found out little foul weather footwear that will compliment your feet even when it is raining like cats and dogs.

Ankle rain boots - the hard rubber boots do not look girly and are the best first streamlining the foot shape of a man. The neutral colors don't make them shout loud and perfectly match up with whatever kind of lowers and denims you have been carrying.

Sneakers - sneakers are perfectly decent pair of shoes for heavy rains and dirty roads. The Cotton high tops and Rubber base is enough water resistant. The only thing you need to keep in mind is avoiding puddles and not directly jumping into them! You can also look forward for special category of rain sneakers. Those are basically rain boots with waterproof shoe laces available in subtle colors.

Duck boots - if you wish to have a more of a sturdy look, duck boots are the best for it. They are more drugged and totally acceptable irrespective of the trend going on. You can never defy the fashion statement with the Classic pair of duck boots on your feet.

Chukka boots - chukka boots are slightly sportier and an amazing alternate to duck Boots. The fashionable shoes slightly rise above the angles and have a round toe. Not all the chukka boots are waterproof. You need to look out for a special pair to manage the rainy season.

Tie Up Patent Leather Ankle Boots - Black 39

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Tie Up Patent Leather Ankle Boots - Black 39

Tie Up Patent Leather Ankle Boots

Rubber overshoes - people who don't like wearing leather shoes all the time can go for rubber over shoe to remain comfortable and decent. Rubber shoes do not slip and compliment your office attire. And the bonus is that they are very cheap and easily available. A perfect pair of rubber based rainy shoes protects your flip flops and sandals from getting flimsy. The backsplash are always unwanted. A nice pair of boots would help you to remain neat and clean despite several puddles and mud ball mixtures rolling on the road.

Wellies- these are traditional rain boots which look a true swagger. You can pick up your favorite navy blue, brown or black high ankle rain boot with a long coat to manage the rainy as well as winter season together.

A shoe that is affordable and comfortable along with being water resistant is something that must be bought. Don't get swayed away with the style and colors, buy a pair that would make you look Jazzy and still protect your feet from rain water.

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