What Is Spring/Summer Chic Without The Classic Wide Leg Pants?


Wide leg pants already have a history of over 100 years, and are the ultimate item for leisurely chic fashion. The aim of this design was to liberate women’s bodies.

Now, the function is not as simple as showing off a womans natural beauty, but also adding to our ever changing fashion. The taller you are, the taller you will look, and the shorter you are, your body will appear in better proportion.
Wide leg pants have been coming back into fashion since 2015. They are here to stay this season and are becoming even more popular.

They are still occupying the Spring/Summer fashion shows this year. They are showing up in a variety of forms, from the loose straight pants of Céline, simple stripe wide leg pants of Hermès, classic suit pants of Chanel, to the more daring silk pants of Etro.

Striped Color Block High Waist Wide Leg Pant

Cropped pants

Option 1: Cropped pants and high heels

It is not an overstatement to say that cropped pants suit almost any figure. The common concern of fat legs can be solved by cropped pants. The only thing you need to do is to match a pair of high heels to create a slender ankle, and a more elegant appearance.

Summer is coming, you could choose white for a fresher feel. Do not forget to match your cropped pants with heels in black or skin tone.

Capri Wide Leg Pants

Option 2: Cropped pants and flat shoes

For a more comfortable and youthful look, pair your cropped pants with flats. It does not matter if you are not used to walking in heels, cropped pants go perfectly with flat shoes too. You can chose the popular white shoe or a slip-on if you like a more sporty look. Try a brogue or loafers for a more vintage and preppy style. Or chose comfortable ballet shoes if you like a more elegant, feminine look.

Side Band Wide Leg Pants

Ankle length wide leg pants

Option 1: Ankle length wide leg pants with high heels

Unlike the golden length of cropped pants, that suit any shape, you need to use the skill of a high waist line and choosing the right material when wearing ankle length wide leg pants.

Girls who have thin thighs could chose stiff pant material paired with classic heels.  If your legs are a little bigger, you could chose more flowing fabric. In this case, choosing a tan colored heel is a good option. Meanwhile, the classic colors of black, white, gray and skin color can also be matched easily.

High Waist Stripe Wide Leg Pants

Option 2: Ankle length wide leg pants with flat shoes

Matching ankle length wide leg pants and flat shoes is more difficult for some people. Wearing a top and pants in same color will give you a taller appearance, while an all white outfit will give the best effect. Choosing white or skin color ankle length pants, with sneakers is a good look if you are comfortable with your height. This will give you a relaxed, chic style.

Side Band Wide Leg Pants

Floor length wide leg pants

Option 1: Floor length wide leg pants and high heels

For this look you need to have long legs, but this look is not so easy to pull off. If you try this look with heels, you may appear too tall, so stick to flat shoes. Choose flesh tones or pastel colors for a more feminine look.

If you are shorter and more daring, try this look with high waist pants and high heels. It will make you appear taller, but you must choose a thinner cut of fabric in order to achieve a truly elegant style.

Geometric Print Palazzo Pants

Option 2: Floor length wide leg pants and flat shoes

Flat shoes with floor length pants need to be styled in a very skillful way. You will not get the height that you get with heels, so this look is best left for the taller among us. Pair high waist pants with a crop top to elongate your body, layer a long cardigan or coat over the top for the most in-season style.
High Waisted Tie Up Culotte