Vancouver Fashion Week: Creativity Meets Culture


In recent years, Vancouver Fashion Week has been the one to watch, and this season is no exception. With a city full of rich culture from all over the world, Vancouver Fashion Week is enjoyed by people from every culture and background.

WASSO VEGE's brings a kimono series to the stage to stun and wow the audience. Retaining the kimono's traditional style and profile, WASSO experiments with fabric to create a whole new look. This collection allows a traditional item of clothing to be brought right into the modern day and making it available to fashionistas everywhere to take to the high street.

Embroidered Open Front Kimono Dust Coat - Brick-red

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In addition to the cultural heritage of designers being shown throughout their collections, Vancouver Fashion Week is also home to amazing art and stage designs. From the unrestrained SM theme of this seasons Fashion Week, there really is no boundaries to this amazing show.
MACHIOMIZUMACHI's bold and complex street elements bring a stylish visual to an already interesting show.

Lace Insert See Thru Over Knee Garter - Black

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For the third and final day, KAKOPIEROS debuted their daring and bold SM theme. In addition to fashion, they created a whole atmosphere that really captured the stage and audience. Their opening film was a stunning addition to their show, adding for great publicity for the KAKOPIEROS brand.

Belled Sleeve Plus Size Velvet Dress - Green

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Clothing, culture, inspiration and creativity, were the highlights of Vancouver Fashion Week, which is always full of surprises. Even the choice of models for the Vancouver Fashion Week set this Week apart from any other.

On the catwalk, the models are not necessarily well known super models, and all with varying body shapes and sizes. The stage in Vancouver has a 'real' feeling about it, with any body type, skin color, and style showing that different fashions and designs have their own personal charm.

Vancouver Fashion Week is a distinctive, attentive fashion week, accepting of all fashion, body types and cultural backgrounds. It really embraces these themes, given it a truly different feel and speaking to its audience.

Vancouver Fashion Week is a must see for all fashion lovers, and really sets the standards high for the Fashion Weeks yet to come.