Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Tuxedo

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Tuxedo, the name itself brings about an impression of formally dressed, well-maintained and luxuriously revamped men. Does not matter if you have a fancy wedding or a gala to attend you need to have a classic tuxedo ready to be worn in your wardrobe. A perfectly tailored tuxedo with arms well stitched and suited makes you look ultimate and classic. The sense of elegance that tuxedo provide cannot be replaced. So to help you out, we are here imparting everything necessary you must know before setting your foot out to buy a tuxedo.

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Since the late eighteenth century, tuxedo has been a part of elite formal wear. It is similar to suit but they have their own differences that are pretty important. Satin stripes that contrast with the base fabric and some elite buttons are what make it different from a suit. It is typically black, but nowadays men are not afraid to try the new colour patterns like smoky grey, white or even colourful tux. Sounds pretty alluring, isn't it? Check out our favourite set here.

The ultimate shirt

You can call them tuxedo shirts, formal shirts or even dinner shirts. These shirts have been revamped from time to time to suit the needs of the latest fashion. But some things have remained intact such as the front panel (which is visible under the tuxedo) still comes with an extra panel of cotton to accentuate the opacity. You can shop for one of the finest looks on shirt from Zaful. We have been known to provide the finest quality of shirts that you can wear with most audacity. There are some essential rules of wearing a shirt. There should be no shirt visible after the last of your button near the waist.

The super bow ties

A pre tied bow is okay, but this does not mean you have no responsibility to know how to tie a bow yourself. An imperfect self-tied bow looks more attractive and stylish that the pre-tied flawless bow. Traditionally, a black bow tie with white shirt and a black tuxedo is the most formal and stylish outfit you can wear. Today however you can alter a few styles to suit your needs. You can change the colour of your bow tie for example to a more unique one to deviate from the normal.

The cummerbund

Originally worn by Englishmen as an alternative to the waist coat, this has now become an essential and irrevocable part of the tuxedo. It provides a flawless look to your waist keeps the shirt tucked in and looks preferable with a bow tie. Today, not many men prefer to wear it but the fashion is being revived and now more and more young men prefer to go for it.

We hope you have got an idea of wearing a suitable tuxedo for a grand occasion. Mix up the trends and bring out a fine new one with your creativity but don't forget to stick to the main principles here.

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