Top 7 Fashion Essentials This Winter


Every girl knows that a wardrobe needs key essential pieces. But what about your accessories? We are here to tell you the top 7 essential essentials that every girl needs this winter.


Winter sun can often be more glaring than that of the summer sun, so sunglasses are a must have item throughout the year. Classic styles keep you looking classy and effortlessly chic. More playful designs, such as bigger lenses or cat eye sunglasses will also give your outfit a hint of fun and fashion in the winter months. If you are worried about what style to pick, go for classic aviators that will work with both summer and winter outfit’s all year round.

Metal Bar Black Frame Sunglasse

Little Black Dress

The classic little black dress is something that every girl knows and loves. Whether you are going to the movies, shops or a fashion show, a little black dress is cute and easy to pull off.

Opt for killer heels for a more sexy, glamorous look, or flats for a more girly, romantic look. Either way you will be sure to turn heads.

Geometric little black dresses

Oversized Watch

An oversized watch is a great essential accessory. Not only is it practical for making sure you get to your dinner date on time, but it also doubles up as a statement piece. It will jazz up any boring outfit, and can even be a conversation talking point, when you run out of things to say.

Numerals Faux Leather Rhinestone Studded Quartz Watch


Jeans are a must have wardrobe essential. You can dress them up with heels and a fancy top, or dress them down with sneakers and a sweater for the ultimate lazy weekend look.

Destroyed Skinny Jean&

Hair Accessories

Hair twists and accessories are great for those of us with long hair and no idea what to do with it. If you are in a rush, or just got up, hair twists are great for an instant glam look with minimal time and effort.

Embellished Leaf Hair Accessory

A Plain White T-shirt

A plain white t-shirt is what every girl needs to make any day laid back, yet fashionable. A plain white t-shirt can be paired with jeans and heels for a more sophisticated look, or dressed down with sweatpants and sneakers when your trying to avoid the glare of the paparazzi.

Puppy Pattern White T Shirt

A Blazer

Blazers come in all shapes, sizes and styles, they can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt, or over a dress to keep away the winter chill. The blazer is a classic wardrobe essential, and comes in many different colors or patterns so you can be sure to find one that matches your style and can be worn on a daily basis.

Zippered Lapel Collar Blazer

If you stick to these top 7 essential tips this winter, you are sure to have a fashionable look every time you step outside. These items can be mixed and matched together to create new and unique styles that not only look great but will also be friendly on your wallet too. So go ahead and get styling.