The Rybka Twins- Dancing with Bikinis Part 1

BY The Rybka Twins

Hey guys, I'm Teagan, I'm Sam and we are Rybka twins.Welcome back to our channel. In today's video, we're doing a bikini haul at the beach. We recently got a hit bikinis from Zaful. That was really excited to check if you guys like it.But before we do that be sure to subscribe,if you have already, thank you for big thumbs up if you like it.

Sam and I both loved this leasing material so much that we both happen to pick a soda bathers in this material. I personally like sam's style. I really like mine, but I also love Teagan's as well and it just really depends to what type do you have I guess or what you like or prefer.

So I choose this one because I really love this color red, so bright and vibrant. And I like to start with the keyhole in the middle. The bottom and the top both fit me very well and I was a size small. So yeah~

I really like these bikini because I love things that are high waisted and also love the color pink.

This one has palm trees on them and I really really like. This style and I love the color and the design of the palm trees on them.

So this floral and stripes kind of bikini. I really like the stripes, the black and white stripe from the outline of the bather, but for me, the bottoms were too small that didn't match as well as I wanted them to. I really like the top of this one, but not the bottom. Yeah, I really like this one, one of the favors.

I really really like this bikini. I really like the ties at the side. Because it's kind of look like the normal clothes or like fashion of that right now which is off the shoulder and Zaful turned them into bikinis which is really cool. And the white black dog in the background having the time you laughs and the ocean.

Now this stripe bikinis are really like the look of like in our photos in video, but this one Sam got a medium size, so there must have made a mistake. But it actually fit me anyway, like the top was fine just the bottoms a bit baggy.

So this next that is a very similar style to my country one. I really like this color, but in photos and in videos it looks light up, so I prefer them to be a little bit dark. And the bottoms were slightly smaller on this one, so a little bit cheeky here and I prefer full coverage.

Some of the bikinis that we've got we found were a little bit cheeky, but some people like that.So, it's up to you especially when you go to the site, you like look the bottom of it patiently. If you like full coverage, or you have some other taste and you know what you like. So when you're looking outside, just make sure you look at the butts.I really liked this. It's my favors.

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And the final pair of bikin is this sailor inspired swimsuit. I love wearing high waisted shorts and high waisted things, so I really liked this pair because they have the high-waisted bottom. And I don't know, they got just little cute little buttons like details.

So if you guys would like to purchase some bikinis or swimwears from Zaful, you can do that. The link to their website will be in the description box below. The site is really good, because there are so many different types of bathings. So many to pick from, so you'll have a ball and if you really like one material, you can go through and you'll be in like every style. Okay, really far, yeah, that's which is in the box below.

This is the part 1,we will have the part 2 at next Wednesday.

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