The 6 Principles of Women's Dress Collocation|Learn how to Wear Clothes Appropriately


Girls are always worried why their collocation always fails to achieve the desired effect.Today,I’ll tell you,first of all,you need to master the 6 principles of women's wear and collocation.after learning these skills, you can reasonably match your clothes.

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The 6 principles of women's dress collocation are:

1, time principle;

2, occasion principle;

3, place principle;

4, neat principle;

5, harmony principle;

6, personality principle.

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1. time principle:

First of all, let us know what is the principle of time. As a woman and a male, it is different to choose one of the best dark dress or casual wear all day, but women can be much more troublesome.Different time needs to choose different clothes. During the day, we need a formal dress in the workplace.In the evening, the evening party needs to be replaced with the trimming, the scarf, the dress and so on. Especially the change of the season, it is necessary to follow the trend through the different collocation.

2.occasion principle:

In addition to time, different occasions have high requirements for girls.To meet at work, the clothes need to be solemn and decent.In concert or ballet occasions, formal dress is required.Formal banquet needs dress or cheongsam.Dinner with friends, outing, choose casual clothes are all OK.

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Guests at home need clothes that are mainly comfortable and comfortable.While going to other companies to discuss business, choosing professional clothes will be professional.And go out to different customs areas,take care of the local habits,cannot be worn too exposing or swagger.

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4.neat principle:

No matter how neat and tidy it is, the most basic principle is to dress neatly to give people a refreshing feeling of comfort,so that people will be willing to communicate with you,and further understand,but because many women wear slovenly,blind date is a failure because the first impression is bad and you need to make up for too much.The principle of tidiness does not require the quality of clothes. It only needs to be neatly dressed and clean.

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5.harmony principle:

The principle of harmony is one of the most important collocation principles.If the first four principles are the basic skills, then the principle of harmony is sublimation skills. If we want to make ourselves a collocation, we must master the principle of harmony.

(1)color harmony:

①the trichromatic principle, that is, the collocation of outfit should not exceed three colors.

②the principle of theme color: there must be a theme in one collocation.

③the more bright color, the better use of large area, large area of pure color has the effect of expansion, the best match is the best is only a bright color, up to two.

(2)Body harmony:

①the body is fatter and the clothes should be as thin as possible,should be relaxed and casual, collar with low V collar as the best, pants or skirts should not wear outside the clothes, more can not use the exaggerated belt, color in the cold color for good,do no wear strong tone and avoid wearing stripes, large squares or large flowers.

②thin body, to wear plump, also do not wear big tight clothing, clothing color as bright and soft as possible, wear a number of stripe, square, large flower pattern clothing.

③Short stature, top should not be too long and too wide, trousers should not be too short,the trouser legs should not be too big to cover the upper.The upper and lower colors are best consistent, so that the slender visual sense can be achieved.

(3)material harmony:

The material on the top and bottom is better close. If the upper body is a smooth wool, and the lower part is a cloth pants, it will be neither fish nor fowl.

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6.personality principle:

It is important to pursue your own personality by wearing clothes. In this way, you can show your own beauty, truly realize your own characteristic style, and pay attention to two questions:

(1)do not blindly follow the fashion, the most popular is often the least characteristic.

(2)through your own age, character, occupation, culture, temperament and so on to judge your own suitable style.

Through the above 6 women's collocation principles learning, I believe you have grasped your own collocation skills.

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