Swimwear? No! Bodysuit!


Have you ever wondered how the fashionistas can wear the cami tops so smoothly in jeans or skirts? In fact, they are wearing a really trendy clothing called bodysuit. We might have thought they were cool tops, but after putting jeans off, we will find they kinda look like one piece swimwear. However, they are more fashion and exquisite. And the material is totally different.

Split Cold Shoulder Bodysuit - Orangepink

Bodysuits are not new fashion trends. They actually have been a trend as early as in the 1950s. One of the fashion pioneer, Brigitte Bardot, is one of the representatives of bold wearing. This little sexy kitten from Pairs impressesd the American with bodysuit.

Why so many people like bodysuit? One of the major reasons is its smooth. Girls love to tuck the tops into the bottoms, which can length legs invisionly. But it is annoying when moving your body, the hem of top will squeeze out a little bit, which means we need to tidy it AGAIN. No worries putting bodysuit on. With the buckle at the crotch, it has set the cloth on the right place. No matter how you move, your look would stay perfectly.

And the second advantage is convenience. Some bodysuits can be unbuckled at the crotch, which is much more convenient comparing half naked with the a romper/jumpsuit when answering the call of nature.

Basic match: jeans or skirt
This is the basic way to match a bodysuit, it can be your OOTD.

Lace Up Velvet Bodysuit - Army Green

Origin: $26.39     Now ONLY: $17.49

Fashionista match: See through dress
Because of the one piece design, bodysuit can play the role of both undershirt and safety leggings, quite numbers of fashionista will choose a see through dress as a cover up, which shows the curves implicitly.

Lace Panel Velvet Bodysuit - Black

Sexy match: No matching!
Putting a bodysuit only can really shape your body. Check this floral sequined bodysuit, adding some lace embellishments, your look will be spiced up!

Floral Sequined Plunging Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Black

Origin: $34.85     Now ONLY: $13.99