Summer Wardrobe

BY Allison Krone

It's officially Summer. It's time to start getting that Summer wardrobe in order before the hot, sunny days are spent at the pool or on vacation. As women go through their closets and try on their clothes from last summer, they're not happy with their reflection in the mirror.

"My clothes don't fit like they used to"

"I wish my stomach was tighter"

"My hips are too big"

The list goes on. With Instagram, Snapchat and every other social media platform, it's easy to compare our bodies to models and even women we don't know. This can put a damper on your summer, because it's easy to be more conscious about your body rather than focusing on the fun you should be having.

You should spend your Summer days flaunting your body in a swimsuit you love or walking along the beach with total confidence. Feel like you're not there yet? Don't worry. Zaful has you covered.

Check out these Zaful swimsuits for every body type and every occasion.

Show Some Skin

These suits are perfect for a day on the beach. There is no better way to show off you're figure than in any of these bikinis. Most of these suits are seamless and have adjustable or removable straps.

Low Waisted Spaghetti Straps Bikini Swimwear - Sweet Orange M

Shop the Low Waisted Spaghetti Straps Bikini Swimwear.

ONLY: $12.49

9 Colors Optional.

Textured High Leg Bandeau Bikini Set - White S

Shop the Textured High Leg Bandeau Bikini Set.

ONLY: $12.99

7 Colors Optional.

Off The Shoulder Strappy Striped Bikini Set - White M

Shop the Off The Shoulder Strappy Striped Bikini Set.

ONLY: $11.99

Wanna Piece of Me?

We're not sure who to thank, but we're happy the one-piece swimsuits are back in style. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, anyone can make a one piece look sexy. With over hundreds of styles and prints, you can't go wrong with a one-piece. Everyone will want a piece of you!

See-Through One-Piece Swimwear - Black L

Shop the See-Through One-Piece Swimwear.

Frilled Plunge One Piece Swimsuit - Pink L

Shop the Frilled Plunge One Piece Swimsuit.

ONLY: $11.99

5 Colors Optional.

Cut Out Plunging Neck Bandage Swimwear - Sage Green S

Shop the Cut Out Plunging Neck Bandage Swimwear.

ONLY: $13.99

3 Colors Optional.

Spice It Up

These suits add a little spice to the swimsuit game. With so many new styles in fashion, it's hard not to love with all the scalloped trim, crochet material, ruffles and high waisted suits.

High Waisted Scalloped One Shoulder Bikini - Merlot S

Shop the High Waisted Scalloped One Shoulder Bikini.

ONLY: $13.49

5 Colors Optional.

Seashell Trim Crochet String Bikini Set - White One Size(fit Size Xs To M)

Shop the Seashell Trim Crochet String Bikini Set.

ONLY: $12.99

2 Colors Optional.

Cami Frilly High Leg Bikini - Pink S

Shop the Cami Frilly High Leg Bikini.

ONLY: $11.99

4 Colors Optional.

With so many style and color options, Zaful makes it easy to find a suit that you will fall in love with and feel beautiful in. So grab a suit, a glass or rosé, and walk your beautiful summer self along that beach.