Outerwear Trends: Chic Sweaters You Need In Your Closet


Autumn is by far our favorite season. The trees turning different shades of red, yellow and brown, pumpkin spice lattes on every corner and wrapping up warm.  Layers, so many layers. We are here to tell you about our all time favorite number one fall item, the sweater.
Your grandmother always knitted one for Christmas, and no matter how garish it was, you were forced to wear it more than once in her presence. Thinking back, we never do remember why we hated sweaters quite so much, now we cannot get enough of them. If we could wear them every day of the year we would.
Sweaters come in a variety of different colors and styles, and can be paired with almost anything to create a fantastic fall outfit. They are easy to wear and keep you warm in the cool winter months. From knitted sweaters to cotton, printed to plain, we are here to tell you how to wear sweaters this fall season.
With sweaters, there is no one particular trend. If you like bright colors, pick a bright color, prints and patterns are your thing, then go for it, there is nothing stopping you when it comes to sweater styles.  

Top 6 Sweater Styles This Fall: 

1. Oversized Sweaters

The bigger the better, oversized sweaters can be paired with almost any outfit and will always keep you warm. Going for a girly look, add an oversized sweater on top of a floral dress for a cute, yet romantic feel. For a more sophisticated style, pair an oversized sweater with jeans. Add a pair of classy heels for the ultimate elegant look.
Oversized Choker Sweater

2. Side Slit Turtleneck Heather Sweater

Throwback to the 70’s with this cool turtleneck style. Not only will it keep you warm from the cold, but you will not have to accessorize with a necklace or scarf, as the turtleneck is an accessory in it’s self. Turtlenecks also come in a variety of styles, from tight, to loose and baggy, choose a style that suits you.
Turtleneck Heather Sweater)

3. Cable Knit weaters

Again, cable knit sweaters, like chunky knit, are great for incorporating patterns into a plain color block. Thinner than the chunky knit, you can layer tops under or jackets over the cable knit sweater for a look that's more you.   
Openwork Cable Knit Crop Sweater

4.Pastel Sweaters

You may think that only pastel colors work well in spring, well you would be wrong. The latest fashion craze is simple toned down sweaters in sweet pastel colors. Pair with a cute skirt and flats for a sophisticated, girl next door look. The key to this look is keep it simple, and keep accessories to a minimum.
Cable Knit Batwing Sleeve Jumper

5. Chunky Choker Sweater

The key this season is subtle looks. Patterns and funky colors may be OK to show your fun side on Christmas day, but in the run up to that, keep things simple and sweet. Opt for more romantic, feminine looks by layering a black color sweater over a floral dress or shirt.
Chunky Choker Sweater 

6. Fuzzy Sweaters

Fuzzy sweaters are great for staying warm and showing off your fun side. To really stay in style this season, opt for an over sized fuzzy sweater in baby blue or coral pink.

Fall fashion is all about snuggling up to your loved ones around a burning fire and counting down to Christmas. Keep this in mind when choosing a sweater and remember that romantic, feminine styles work best.

Crew Neck Fuzzy Sweater