One Step To Leak Your Sexiness


Summer is approaching, the weather is getting hot, so as the girls on the street. How to show out our sexiness? Here Zaful teach you with one trick: Bralette!

A bralette is a non-underwire bra, with no padding or molded cups. Bralettes are a simple yet stylish alternative to conventional bras. From last year, sporty trends to this years sexy lace border trends, bralettes lead the fashion of ‘Outside Wear Style’. No matter single wearing, or show out tricky, bralette reveals the feeling of sexiness. And on more advantage of bralette is its easy matching to all kinds of clothes, it become essential fashion item. Let’s talk about how to be a fashionista with it.

1.Singly Wear

Some mid long and long bralette can be wore singly. It is also a perfect item for Coachella. With a high waisted jeans or high waisted skirts, you are ready to go.

Crochet Bralette Bikini Crop Top - White

Origin: $19.28     Now ONLY: $12.99

2. With Kimono Or Slim Shirt

During summer time, wearing a kimono not only can block you from too hot sun shines, but also shows breeze when you walk like a model. Wearing a big lace bralette and a kimono can also be agile. If you prefer a shirt, it is a good way to undo the first three buttons to show your visible bralette.

Floral Lace Longline Bralette - Black

Open Front Floral Print Kimono Blouse - Blue

3. With Deep V Top Or Dress

Bralette can also be wore with v collar top or dress. Because of the delicate lace border and the thin string, you can be attractive because of it. Not only conventional but also sexy.

High Slit Plunging Neck Short Sleeve Floral Print Dress - Red

4. With A See Through Top

As we know that see through items are really hot and if matching a bralette inside, your whole look will be much more than just one see through cloth. It looks bold and wild.

Embroidered Sheer Mesh Cover Up Top - Black

Applique Sheer Mesh Plunge Bralette Top - Black

Origin: $21.25     Now ONLY: $12.99