Need To Spice Up An Old Outfit? Layered Necklaces Are Hot This Season


In the past, layered necklaces have been very popular at the Coachella Festival. With it's boho fashion and music festival feel, Coachella is the perfect place to express yourself with accessories. Throughout history, women have always worn necklaces, from Ancient Egypt to the Victorian era, delicate dresses and outfits are always accessorized with the perfect necklace. This season layered necklaces are the hot new accessory, with celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sandra Bullock spicing up classic outfits with this simple piece of bling.

From chokers to chains, necklaces also have many varieties and styles to choose from. The layered necklace first took to the catwalk in 2008 for the Givenchy fashion show. Wearing a long layered necklace and a daringly low cut top is sure to draw attention to your outfit this season. Or opt for a more delicate style with a long simple necklace over a floral dress.

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To alternate your look, layer your necklaces with two short pieces and one long piece. This will add texture to your overall outfit and highlight the contours of your face.

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Choose necklaces with small pendants such as coins, or precious stones, to add a more mysterious, exotic feel to your look.

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When layering necklaces, the key is to stay natural and symmetrical. Opt for smaller pendants and thin chains for a classic, elegant look.

Layered necklaces are great for the summer months. Lightweight and easy to wear, they can bring a new feel to any outfit and make you stand out from the crowd this summer.