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We are not sure since when, more and more friends in Twitter show their photos of jogging. But we are sure that jogging has become a trend of fashion and a brand new way of social communication. It can not only help us keep fit, have a stronger body, but also help us to have more friends.

We can always see fashionistas, top models, stars running on the street. According to Kendal, jogging is one of her favorite sports. And we all know how healthy and shining her body looks like. With the growing number of running lovers, more and more running competition appeared. Besides the traditional marathon, there are some funny running matches like color run, bubble run.

It is good to have a running habit, but is it all good of running? Many people are now concerning about the damage to joints and bones because of running, especially Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) or "runner's knee".

The causes of runner's knee:

1. Overload of running. Increase mileage blindly without fully exercising. The tense of running is over the capacity of muscle or the lack of stretch after workout.

2. Wrong way of running. The wrong way of running is one of the major reasons of runner's knee. Like unstable gravity, strephexopodia, etc can make our knees suffer more impact and have a severe abrasion.

3. Wrong shoes. Make sure you have wore the right running shoes instead of putting on a pair of flip flops or slippers.

4. Obesity. While we are running, our knees can endure 5-7 times of our weight. The heavier, the more knees suffer.

5. Lack of muscle. The status of muscle plays an important role in joints stability and flexibility. If our muscle are lack of strength especially the muscle on thigh and butt, we might get hurt more easily.

What to do pre-running:

1. Get right way of running.

Keep your eyes at the front and lower your chin. Keep your torso stay upright and make your body a little forward.

Slightly hold your hands, naturally hangs your arms. Make sure when you swing your arms front and rear, the ankle of elbow joint is no more than 90 degrees.

Use your whole or rear foot to get to ground. Do not make too large steps and avoid lifting knees too high. Make sure your hips are relaxed rather than swing them left or right.

2. Warm-up

Stretch your arms.

Stand upright. Lift your right arm horizontally to get close to your chest. And assist your right arm with your left arm. You can feel the stretch of the deltoid at the front of your right arm. (The same as left arms.)

Stretch your belly.

Tighten your belly, make your arms stretch upwards, lift your feet for 15-20 seconds.

As for girls, except for the beauty of running posture, equipment is also essential.

3. Get proper equipment.

With sports like running, tennis, horse riding, or aerobics, higher support sports bra is needed. For jogging, mid impact bra is the best. For fast running, you will need high impact sports bra.

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Pick quick dry, elastic bottoms to avoid chafing. You can put your phone in and listen to your favourite music to eliminate dull feeling.

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Get a gorgeous workout outfit can make us have a better mood in running.

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What to do post-running:

1. Stretch the rear part of thigh.

Put your both hands against the wall, one leg lunge forward, make sure the other heel is on the floor totally. Keep this post for 10 seconds.

2. Stretch the front part of thigh.

You can do it as showed below:

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3. Stretch the outer part of thigh.

Cross your feet and bend, make sure don't bend your knees. And use both hands to touch the left big toe. Feel the stretch on the left thigh. Keep it for 15-20 seconds.

Don't forget to drink enough water.

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We do hope girls can have a better shape and a healthier body with jogging!

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