Life is better in bikini

BY Marieke Kazen

Life is better in bikini

Hi babes, are you already as excited as I am for Summer? I am already dreaming away from tropical places, beautiful bikinis and coconuts drinks. But that will takes a long long time. In September I am going to Curacao. So great. Have you ever been there before? Me neither! I am going with the whole family because my parents have their wedding anniversary of 25 years! So cool !! And I am already checking out some great bikinis from Zaful. So check them below:

From these three which one is your favorite. When I see the first one I am thinking of a luxury vacation in Italy with a Aperol Spritz in my hand! So maybe I will take this one to my next vacation, a roadtrip through Italy!! Also the last one would be perfect with some lemons in my hand and the new trend: the net bag filled with lemons or oranges. And have you ever wear a swimsuit like the one in the middle? Me neither, I am always thinking about the parts who don’t get a tan because of the whole coverage. But I think it looks cool!! Would you wear something like this?

The next three swimsuit are my current favs. The one in the middle because I’ve seen it some days ago at one of my favorite bloggers and it looks so cool! I definitely want to take it with me to my next vacation! High waisted bikinis are so on trend right now. The whole vintage/retro vibe is all over this season. And I really like it. I love to take pictures with a polaroid camera to get that vintage vibe. And the first bikini would be perfect in that shot!! Are you agree? The third one is super nice for a day at the beach to get that perfect tan. Because it has thin straps, and when you are already a little bronzed this color would look amazing. And also the texture is nice and gives also a little that retro vibe. Oehhh I want them all for sure. And a ticket to the Maledives please, haha! Just kidding.

And last but not least these three. These three has I discovered some days ago. I really like the front knot at the moment. And it is really on trend!! I am so curious how the bikini will looks like when I am wearing it! And look at the colors they are so unique. I really like unique items, but you don’t want to look like the rest, right?! The one in the middle is super cute, and the left one is perfect with all those knots. Okay that’s it for today! What is your favorite one? And which one would you definitely wear to your next sunny location? Let me know girllss!! Kisses

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