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I'm not really into sport. I'm not into physical activity. Honestly, I hate getting physically hurt. I hate balls. I hate anything that throws up in the air. That's why, during my high school days and early college days, I hate it when it's Physical Education time. I'm so sloppy. Oh, you can imagine how low my grades are. So, yes, I am not physically active ever since. But I got myself into workout I think 2 years ago. I religiously worked out five times a week at the convenience of my home for three months. My goal was to get rid of my bloated belly and it turned out a success and not only that, I lost weight, too! I remember slimming down my waist from 29 down to 26. The problem was, I tasted a little success on trimming down my bloated belly and I stopped there. Then, laziness took over. But just last month, I got myself into workout again but not five times a week but three times a week only. They said for a person to get more inspired to workout, they must have a set of a workout outfit from head to toe + a gym bag. I believe in this, though. There's nothing better than doing physical activity with your tough yet sexy sports bra and leggings outfit. Agree? If you'll ask me, I would invest in top & bottom pieces and they should be comfortable. Here I found some sports essentials from Zaful and they're on sale!


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I chose this racer back sports bra because of its wide shoulder straps and the neckline is not low. I'm showing skin already when this is worn; I don't like to show some flesh of my bosom anymore. As if, there's any to show. Just kidding. Whites are my top choice because I got inspired by one of the gym buffs I'm following in Instagram and she looks good on it. I personally chose this marble print legging to complete the clean and fresh aura.

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

There's nothing better than a comfort feel. I'm getting this seamless sports bra and I'll get everything in different colors if there are. I have seamless bras and panties and they are 100% comfortable. I'm sure this pink sports bra promises the same, too. Agree? And since I chose a seamless top, I decided to pair it with a flat seam high waisted legging. I just thought of creating a perfect pair. Plus, this high waisted legging is the best piece for me since I'm dealing yet with my bloated belly.

Use this code to get a discount:ZFYZY

I'm just so attracted with marble prints. Who wouldn't? It's a definition of tough yet smooth print. Agree? Even though the neckline cut is so low, I consider wearing this because it has a mesh fabric and it is black. The crisscross back is so stylish. To match the top, I chose this ash gray with mesh panel leggings. It's great to know that aside from it's provided comfort, there's still some part to air out those sweats while working out. I'm still not used to wearing these sports bra alone. I always wear a muscle tee over it. I prefer white, black and gray colors because these are neutral colors. I could easily pair it with anything especially the leggings.

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