Laced Up Style, Tie Up Your Outfit And Your Man's Heart


Last season saw the introduction of the laced up sweater, but as we move into spring this item is set to disappear. However, laced up items are still big this season, with the 'tied up' look being popular with famous models and celebrities alike. Even though sweaters are gone from our spring wardrobe, there are plenty of other items for you to try and create the most sort after style this season. With shirts and skirts taking on this design, you are sure to find something to suit your look.

Laced Up Top

Where the straps are placed is anyone's guess, with ties across the chest, along the sleeves and down the back, all making sexy new looks for your wardrobe. Whichever style you try, you can be sure your look will not be boring. If you want to add the element of surprise, opt for a simple look at the front, with a laced up design at the back, giving a mysterious feel to your outfit. In addition to the usual sweater designs, opt for more daring looks with laced up jackets and shirts to really show off your fashion edge.

Lace Up Off The Shoulder Cropped Top - Suede Rose

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Lace Up Pure Color Cami Crop Top - Brown

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Simply Sexy

If you do not want to try the daringly sexy look of a laced up skirt or pants, try for a more moderate approach with a high waist skirt to elongate your legs, with a subtle laced up design along the bottom or side. This way you do not have to show off so much skin, but can still achieve the same sexy and interesting look of other laced up designs. If you want to give your outfit more attitude and edge, add a motorcycle jacket to harden your overall look.

Zip-Up PU Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Black

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Punk Lace Up Mini Skirt - Black

Don't stick to just laced up shoes and boots, be daring and try this laced up style today.