Lace Underwear For A Sexy New Look


Every girl knows that the thing women look forward to the most is getting home at the end of the day and undoing their bra so that they can final relax. But what if we could have this feeling all day? Comfort should be the first thing you look for when choosing underwear, but that's not to say that you cannot still be fashionable and sexy. Zaful are here to show you most sort after underwear this season.

Underwear should not be torture. Forget the big thick under garments of the past, now it is all about showing off your curves and allowing your confidence to show through. This year's popular underwear incorporates delicate lace patterns and sheer cut out panels, to make you feel sexy, even when your underwear is hidden.

Floral Applique Mesh Plunge Bra - Black

Credit @la_minute_fashion

Shop the

Floral Applique Mesh Plunge Bra. SALE: $14.99

Thin Underwear + Shirts

For a daring look, opt for a strappy bra under a plunging neck line, giving just enough temptation yet still being acceptable day wear. Adding sexy underwear beneath a shirt is also a sort after look, with many models taking to the stage in this adventurous style this summer. Opt for flowers and delicate lace patterns for a feminine touch, or deep black and satin to give your style more attitude.

Spaghetti Straps Lace Bra Set - Black

Credit @mxagnes

Shop the Spaghetti Straps Lace Bra Set. ONLY: $13.99

Spaghetti Straps Lace Bra Set - Black

Credit @mxagnes

This is how it looks overall.

Thin Underwear + Choker

Thin bottoms and a strappy bra, create a 'harness' look that is popular this season. Allow the straps below to show through your outfit, and pair with a choker, for a really sexy look that has attitude and edge.

High Neck Strappy Lace Bra - Black

Credit @shanicerauch

Shop the High Neck Strappy Lace Bra. ONLY: $13.49

Sexiest: Thin Underwear Solely

For a more laid back look, try comfortable cotton underwear with intricate patterns and designs, below a over size or baggy T-shirt. To create a playful look that is perfect for leisurely days in the town or strolling through the park, you can try wear it singlely and mathing a casual bottem. Check this below:

Strappy Caged Unlined Bra - Black

Credit @justdonutcare

Shop the Strappy Caged Unlined Bra. ONLY: $10.99

If you want something more delicate or colorful, try this one:

Strappy Caged Bralette Top With Choker - Black

Back Clousure Velvet Bra - Purplish Red

Credit @a7xgirlscloset

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