Key Brushes Every Makeup Bag Needs


For a makeup novice, knowing which makeup brush to use for which product can be a daunting task. However, the truth is you do not need to invest in a lot of brushes, but stick to the basic few, and with regular cleaning they will transform any budget makeup bag into a makeup artists dream.

Foundation Brush

A good foundation brush can finish your look with a smooth feel and leave your skin looking clearer. Pay attention to you nose and eye area when applying foundation to ensure that no steaks appear and the overall look is clean.

Beginners Choice: Beginners can try a foundation egg to start with. An egg is easy to use and great for practicing the perfect coverage. Once you have mastered this method, move on to a flat head or round head foundation brush to upgrade your look.

The flat head brush is the most classic foundation brush. With shorter bristles thickly compact together, this brush has good flexibility and coverage. Use a flat head brush with liquid foundation and move in a circular motion to ensure the best application of your foundation. This brush can also be used with powder foundation, and will minimize powder marks.

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The round head foundation brush also has highly compact bristles, but the shape is different, with a more curved, circular cut and much fuller. This brush can be used for creating a more natural look, however it is prone to creating powder marks when using powder foundation as it is less precise in it's coverage.

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The tongue-shaped foundation brush has more synthetic based bristles, with a double fiber combination, and is the best for applying concealer. If you are a beginner, pay attention to brush marks as it is easy to create them if you are not used to using this brush. We recommend starting from the egg first before moving on to this foundation brush.

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Loose Powder Brush

A loose powder brush is not strictly for use with foundation, but can be used with other powder products to create a variety of different looks. Compared with a powder compress, a powder brush can be used to apply makeup quickly and easily, creating light and natural looks. The best part is, this brush will not 'eat' your product and so will save you money in the long run.

Beginners Choice: Whether you choose a long or short bristle, or thick and fluffy, the traditional loose powder brush is great for easily adding a finishing touch of sweeping powder to your makeup.

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Loose powder brushes are generally more expensive due to the amount of bristles used, but rest assured they are worth the investment and will last a long time if looked after well. Opt for real hair bristles such as horse hair, as opposed to synthetic ones, to really make the most of this brush.

Blush Brush

A blush brush is also an indispensable part of your makeup kit. This brush comes in different styles, with a tapered, level or round head cut. For cream blush products, you can even opt for a double fiber brush. Beginners should opt for a small round blush brush, to avoid over application and keep a more natural look.

Beginners Choice: Choose a smaller, round head blush brush and apply your blush in a circular motion, moving upwards slightly to create a more natural makeup feel.

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Whilst a cone blush brush can also create a natural effect, it is not very good at holding powder, and so the amount of product wasted may be high. A level head brush can create a more dramatic look with sharp, sweeping lines, but should only be used for those more skilled at applying makeup.

Eye Shadow Brush

It is easy for beginners to over work on their eye shadow and ruin the whole look of their makeup. Our top tip is to opt for a soft, natural color, and to build up your eye shadow gradually.

Beginners choice: Eye shadow brushes come in a wide range of styles, with the bottom lid brush, eye socket brush, sweeping brush, details brush, eyeliner brush, etc. If you have a limited budget, the main brush you should choose is the sweeping eye shadow brush.

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Eye shadow brushes generally have long bristles and a more fluffy, soft texture. You must choose a soft brush to avoid any discomfort to your eyelid, especially those with sensitive skin. The more natural your eye shadow the more professional your overall look will be.

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Last but not least, don't forget to get a brush cleaning pads to make your brushes stay clean! If you are not sure how to clean your brushes, click HERE to review: 5 Easy Steps - How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes.

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