Kelsey Simone-Summer Zaful Review

BY Kelsey Simone

So basically I'm going to show you everything I got and I'm going to talk about it. I'm got box in the mail from the website Zaful which is basically just online clothing store. Everything was like under $15, it was really good price and they have really really cute stuff, like I'm really excited to show you.

The first thing I got I literately can't express how excited I am for this, like the whole box of cute stuff and this I was like... I just can't wait to get it. And I even showed my friend and she's like... oh it's so cute! and I was like yeah I know. So it is a two piece set which is my first two piece set. So, this is a shorts and like a crop top set, so these are the shorts, they are just white with like these really thin black stripes. I love like this little minimalist print, it's so pretty. And they are super flowy and super thin, so in like the summer, you won't be like sweating to death.Is the crop top that matches with it? And then it is like a little V in the back of the shirt and then has these two little strings that tie and like a little knot, a little bow with whatever you feeling. So it's really cute, I love the print of it. You're definitely going to be seeing me wearing this a lot and the summer warning you right now. So many IG pics with this, plus it goes apply aesthetic.

Next I got this, I'm really obsessed with it. It's this gold, it kinds looks like rose gold in my opinion. Little body chain, but it's only one chain. It goes like around your waist, in the picture they had a growth of bathing suit on it and was like around her hips and it was so cute. I was like I wanna wear with my bathing suit. Yeah, it's really cute, you can put it, you know, over your shorts. I just think it adds like a little like zing and zest to your outfit...So um yeah I really like it, I thought it was really cute.

Oh mm-hmm! Yes! Look! No words! Look how beautiful this is! Oh my gosh! This is a nude backpack, it has a lot of gold detail on it which I love gold, it also has some black detailing on it. And it is just so pretty, like it's so beautiful, I can't wait with every day. So I love backpacks, because I feel like they're a lot easier, instead of like having to hold like a heavy purse on your shoulder. Like it's on your back, you don't have to worry about it. Like it's just chilling back there and it's really just great. They're bigger than purse, I mean bigger than my purses, so it can hold a lot more.

So, oh my gosh! I'm really a little bit obsessed with everything that I got. These two things, I'm so happy I got them. I've been wanting them for so long honestly, you know those brandy melville, like pajama, a little like flowy shorts, well I wanted them for like literally so long but I couldn't like justify myself with paying like $25 for a pair of pajama shorts. But they had them on the website for super cheap, but I was like yes. So they had four different colors: they had black, grey, which I got black and gray, they also had white in red. I definitely want to go back on the website get the way to red. So these are the black pair, they're just like really comfortable. They're just like pajama material that the elastic at the top and then the frills at the bottom. And then I got the gray pair, um, super cute. These are just, you know, when you don't want to put an effort, you don't have time, you don't want to try to look good, but still want to look good, these are your go-to things. So they're really cute, just throw it on look like a t-shirt and it's like you're chill but like you look really cute, you know.

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Okay, so the next thing I got, totally not what I expected. Like literally so different than the picture on the website, but I like it better. I, you know, thought there was a regular pair of like high-waisted shorts. but they're not, they are like as you can see, they are so much longer than normal shorts and they're like extremely high waisted. So um they're kind look like prise, I know there's like an official name called for this, but like I just don't know what it is. This is light wash high-waisted jeans with some distress in them and they're just really really cute. So I feel like these are totally I've seen people wearing these at Coachella, I tried them on Urban Outfitters. I think they're cute, I think they're really cute, it's definitely different. You know, I'm excited to style them, because it's not like my typical everyday shorts. So, yeah, I like it! They're just really cute.

Then I got these two bathing suits and as you can see pretty much the only colors I wear.

So first is this a white pair. So this is what the top looks like: it is just a sort of like strapless white top but then it has this like hole-terry thing with sparkles around your neck. It has this, like a braided little detailing at the top which is really cute. I love love the look of like strapless bathing suit, but I worry if they'd fly off, I don't know how girls can just like wear them and like not be conscious every two seconds that it didn't come off your body, because there's nothing holding it up. But like that's not going to happen with this. And then the bottoms also match and have like that hole braided thing going on on the sides.

Then I got a black bathing suit which I love this one. It is just like this, it kind of like a sports bra, could even go for a crop top, and then the back just has these little straps on it and it's so cute. Like I know that, like when I go to the beach, I normally like wear my bathing suit like walk around the boardwalk to go to lunch, and like I feel like this is just something that you can totally just like typically wear. Then the bottoms are just backside came untied, but it's just like these little like tie strings on the side, basic black bottoms.

The next thing I got is this, it is this little like holter top, but it's like made out of knit. But it's supposed to be bathing suit I think or is it a crop top, a very cropped crop top. And it is just like this black and white little stripes and the zigzag pattern, it has got these strings that ties around your neck and back. As you can see, it's a little smaller than I expected, definitely really cute, I think this is something I could style that was like only going to, like you know, like a beach or the pool party with like cute little high waisted shorts, it's like a little like thing, you know I could make it work. But I still think it's really cute tying in with like the whole Nick thing.

I have these which is a grey little crop top, v-neck. So it is like literally made out of a sweater, but it is a tank top and a common tension and I was like this is so cute, I'm going to get it. It was really really cute and I was like I'm going to get one. They have these in tons of difficult, if it's like that hot outside that I do wear a crop spaghetti strap tank top, like while I want sweater material. But it's actually pretty breathable, like you're not gonna like sweat to death and like he or not. So, really cute and really soft and comfortable.

Then if you know me, you know that I love oversized men's t-shirts. I can explain like if you go in my closet, half of it is just large to extra large men t-shirts, no lie! So, I saw this band t-shirt on their website and I had buy a large. So I got this Queen in concert 1982 t-shirt and then the back of it has a little Q with some tour dates on it and I thought it was so cute. I was like... Yes! This is just something I don't know, I wear them look like, you know, ripped boyfriend jeans or like some high-waisted shorts, like tucked in or baggy, like a dress... I love wearing men's t-shirts as like t-shirt dresses, it's just like... I don't know, my thing, I just buy them so much which I even don't know why, but like I have way too many extra-large t-shirts in my closet.

So this next thing I bought, I wore like two videos ago. So it is this like white sort of cropped, sort of triple net, not fully committed, um, ribbed long-sleeve shirt with these like shoulder clouds which I think gives a little extra, you know, jazz to the top. I feel like it's a really really cute. And you know the weather's just so bipolar outside, so I was like... You can't tell like is it cold enough to wear a long-sleeved shirt or is it warm enough to wear a tank top, I don't know, so let's go with both. I love ribbed stuff too, I think it's so pretty.

Then I got this dress, so it is this grey bodycon dress. And it is just a tank-top sleeve and it has this knot in the middle, so it's kind of like a crop top and skirt, but it's not. It is connected just plain in the back and it has this, not that like just sort of looks really really cute in the center. I also think this is a very... like you could dress this down like no problem where this would like some cute sneakers or cute booties. I just feel like it's like a very universal dress.

Then I got another dress, this is not a dress down dress, this is a dress up dress. This is a nude, just sort of like super strappy crisscross in the back. It's like flowy at the top, but then like the bottom is just bodycon and it has a low back which I love low back for the summer. I feel like it so cute. This material, this dress, is because of like if some sort of material I don't even know, I don't know what it is but it's so soft, it's really really soft.Be definitely, I don't know just the next event I have to go to, the next dinner or the next party, I'm wearing this little mama.

So you've seen is literally all of them right in instagram, it is this just like off-the-shoulder, a little cropped flowy long-sleeved top and it's elastic on the top, so it get to like stretches off the shoulder. Super cute, I love it. I love wearing this. It's like a lot of like layered necklaces, I think it's really pretty or like we're all less often on set out. So many options, it's so cute and I love it. It's just really just classic and clean and cute as you dress it up, you can dress it down, you can literally do whatever you want with this, because it's so like simple. But like still really cute elegant, I like it. It's really classy, really pretty, I'm obsessed which is why I wear it so much.

But yeah, that is everything I got from Zaful.

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