Introduction to Ten Interesting and High Paying Part-time Jobs


As the Consumer Price Index steadily increases, the living standard for American middle class family gradually drops instead. Previously a typical middle class family can fully be sustained merely by dad’s salary, while nowadays there are a growing number of dual-earner families with the rise in expense of housing, health and universities. Even though both the husband and wife work together, however, the family still struggles to bring home the bacon. Therefore looking for more ways to make money is of great importance for families preparing for retirement.   

According to the standards of the U.S. Government in 2015, either a four-member family whose annual income was less than $24,250, or one person family living on below $11.770 a year could be qualified as “Poor Households”. Additionally, the figure showed that in 2015 nearly 14.7% of the U.S. population was in poverty, which underwent a slight decrease compared with 15.5% in 2014.

In fact, lots of Americans choose doing part-time jobs to make more money. The result of the survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor on laboring population in 2010 revealed that around 7.6 million Americans did part-time jobs.

The following 10 interesting and high paying part-time jobs, we consider, might be appropriate for you.
1. Wearing Kigurumis: Interact with customers by the means of wearing kigurumis. This job seems interesting, while it is exhausting indeed.
2. Substitute for Attending Wedding: Aside from attending the wedding, sometimes you are required to live up the banquet’s atmosphere by playing games. This service seems to be used by lots of people.
3. Tomb-Sweeping Professional: Nowadays some people will be hired to sweep and clean the tomb.
4. Selling Your Hair: you can sell your hair to wig company
5. Disposing Belongings of the Deceased: sell or discard something useless, clean the house or carry some goods.
6. Relics Excavation: when relics or antiques are found during land development, diggers or antique porters for relics excavation are of necessity.
7. Substitute Lover: Disguise yourself as the customer’s lover, or pretend to be the customer’s parent to attend the parent-teacher conference on campus.
8. Caddie: if you are keen on golf, being a caddie may be the best job for you.
9. Sketch Model: There are two kinds of sketch model. One is clothing model and the other is nude model.
10. Affiliate Program: For instance, join the online Affiliate program such as You can earn some money by simply swiping your phone and the payment is said to be considerable.

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