Introducing The Easter Campaign


Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals. It is celebrated world over in areas where Christians live. They celebrate it with great devotion and fervor. Kids look forward to the annual Easter egg hunt every year, but what about you? These little games from Zaful offer endless Easter Sunday entertainment and holiday savings for you to review one of the best time of 2017.

Zaful Easter Egg Stravaganze Promotion Sale

Basket 1: Coupon Packs! Starts from March 22nd
Easter in Europe was regarded as the bringer of Spring. Isn't the best time to refresh yourself and your wardrobe? So from March 22nd, once you have placed an order in Zaful, we will provide the SAME cost of the order with cash coupon packs to you. The more you spend, the bigger discount you get! And it lasts only one month. Get your favs now. :)

Basket 2: Win $50 Gift card! Starts from March 22nd
Easter Egg painting competitions are the special attraction and custom at various places. Where are your own colored Easter Eggs? Join our Z-Me Easter Egg Decoration Contest by posting a picture of your Easter Eggs with the tag #diyeggs and you will have a chance to win a $50 gift card! Here is a little tips, if you want a bigger chance of winning, don’t forget to join #eggquiz. By simply answering three trivia questions, and you have double chance to win $50 gift card till now.

Zaful Easter Egg Stravaganze Promotion Sale

Basket 3: Unlock your favourite items with ONLY $0.01! Starts from March 26th
'I am obsessed with those gorgeous outfits! But...' it is a lil' bit expensive? What about buying it with ONLY $0.01? Follow @Zaful on Instagram and share your Easter outfits. Or follow @Zaful on Facebook and tell us your Easter story. We will pick 5 winners every three days on both Instagram and Facebook with the unlock codes. Felt attraction? Do not hesitate and join them on March 29th.

Zaful Easter Egg Stravaganze Promotion Sale

Basket 4: Test your fortune and try our new sales: COMBO deals! Starts from April 5th
From April 5th, you can review the memory of breaking eggs in Zaful. We have 6 eggs for you to choose every day. Break the egg, it might pop a fortune words. But, if you are lucky enough, you might get a $50 gift card! If you wanna play it again, just share it and get another chance. Give a try and test your fortune now!
Also, we will have a brand new sales: COMBO deals! Based on the total price of your basket, products with incredible price will show up for you to choose. Limited time only, so don't miss it.

Basket 5: Last chance! Starts from April 12th
We try to help you buy more with less money. If you miss the big promotion above. Then you should not miss these:
FREE Gift from April. 12th. As long as you have ordered from Zaful, you can get a free gift. Gifts limited, first come first served.

Zaful Blog will show you more about Zaful trends and of course, we will teach you how to save more! Stay tuned with Zaful blog!

Zaful Easter Egg Stravaganze Promotion Sale