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So for today's video, I'm really excited today. What today's video is it's gonna kind of be like a mix of two different video tapes together. I'm going to be doing a very large way. I have so much stuff, a huge fashion try on haul. But also it's gonna be kind of like a trend alert video, because everything that I bought sort of this like a really big fall trend at the moment or just something that I would have talked about in a trend alert video. Anyway, also this is going to be like a very affordable clothing haul. If you've watched my hauls before on this channel, you've probably heard of a website called Zaful. I worked with them so many times and they keep asking me to work with them and I keep saying yes because they keep hugging me up with the best stuff. I have some of my cutest clothes in my wardrobe, it's from when I collab with them and you guys always see many when I collab with them. Because their stuff is very affordable, but it's also pretty good quality. It's all online of course. I'll leave all the links for their websites as well as of course everything that I talked about will be listed down there. So let's get started.

Let's talk about my fun sweater, because it's the first thing that I have to talk about is this sweater. You know your monochromatic mama bought it in black and in white. Pearl embellishments was definitely something that's at the top of my like current fall trends. There have been tons of high-end designers that have been covering their stuff. And pearl embellishments, I might have even talked about that in my last trend video. I've been seeing pools everywhere and also these flared cuffs are really cool. I do have another sweater to show you that has these sort of like flared cuffs that I think are just they add so much interest to a sweater and then it has this v-neck. Zaful seriously has the best prices, I'm gonna put all the prices for everything that I talked about on the screen.

This next piece, I am so completely obsessed and in love with. I know I say that a lot, but it's so... You guys know I love trench coats, I've talked about it so many times and I honestly wear things like this a lot. I love love love love the mixture of fur and done them together. I think that's super hot for fall and winter.

Okay, the next piece that I have. Look at this pants! These pants are so nice! You guys know I love a pair of quality jeans. Good quality jeans are another thing that you typically look for when going fall shopping. These have a little bit of flair and a little bit of fringe at the end. They're not like bell-bottoms though, they're not like 70s, like flair flair, they're just not skinny jeans. I do recommend going a size up in these pants. They have a zipper in the back and then they lace up in the front which I've been seeing lace-up jeans everywhere.

I almost forgot, I mentioned this earlier the sweater with the big sleeves that's honestly so cute. It's just this thick knit black, it has like a v-neck sweater and it's very just like flowy and along with these huge sleeves. I'm all them poncho sleeves, I don't really know why. Because nothing of this reminds me of a poncho. Just adding like a really nice layer of fun to your wrists, you know?

I did talk about this in my last trend alert which was matching sets. I got this matching sweat pants and sweatshirts set. It is all velvet, it is the softest velvet literally ever, has these three little stripes on the side giving you a little adidas vibes. This set is only $32 and that is including both thing. I hate my websites do that when they give you a matching set and they make you buy the top and the pants separately.

These next two items, I kind of bought to go together. You've already seen me wear this, so it's like this super deep v-neck. I sort of wear off the shoulder, because the neckline is so large. It's like this distressed knit white chunky sweater. I think is really cool for layering. Now the trend that I've been loving is styling like your floppy sweaters over a really pretty dress. So I picked up this dress too, initially just wear with this sweater. It's this sort of like body con fitting white lacy, it looks like a slip dress but it's actually like knitted cotton.

I've been very into like a vintage looking pieces lately. It's very vintage Dior to me. Dior's one of my favorite designers and I just really like that outline of it. I know tons of people have been doing that like that outline sort of structured bra looking top. I think it's really cool, I like the vintage buttons on it.

You know those pieces that you're just thinking like I need to just get out of my comfort zone. So this skirt, I would have never bought. I barely wear skirts you guys know that, so I would have never bought this in a bajillion years. But I got it, it looks so good on me. So it's this, it's super tight around the waistline, it's got stripes and buttons and it goes all the way down to your ankles. And it has like a little slit in the front, you can't really see because of the design, but it slits in the front up to the buttons, so it's like a pretty modest skirt which I'm all about looking modest and super cute at the same time.

This dress, sorry that reminds me, this dress, it's this super long, like it covers your shoes, like down to the floor dress. It had at first a deeper neckline and the mom that I am, I sewed it up a little bit, cause it was a little too much for me. But it has these little, like short sleeves, they're kind of like see-through almost. It's really cool, it's like this sheer mesh, but it does have like a black mesh underneath, so it's not see through at all. And as this white star pattern on it that I really really like and I think it just fits me so good. I love the way it fits on my body.

Full Star Print Maxi Plunge Dress - Black S

Full Star Print Maxi Plunge Dress

On SALE: $13.49 Was: $26.99

I got one kind of like it. This one is a little see-through though as you can tell, so you do have to wear something underneath of it. I would probably just wear like a white short slip dress underneath. But it's a wrap dress, you have the strings, you have the whole insides, you can like wrap it around your body. It's got these frills around like the neckline and I think it's really cool. 

You know some days when you want to put an effort, like you want to look really cute, but you just want to be so comfortable at the same time, look at this! It's a t-shirt dress, like literally just like a confit white t-shirt dress. But it's like half pin straight material and they even like offset at the bottom and then it comes with a matching belt to tie and cinch around your waist. This is the coolest thing ever, like I'm so glad. This is a thing can more people make a dressy t-shirt dress.

Striped Asymmetrical Mini Tee Dress - Blue Xl

Striped Asymmetrical Mini Tee Dress

Red is also available.

Then we have this one, it's like this off the shoulder. It's like two times the width of my head, I think these leads are so cool. I don't know about you guys, but it's got that like sort of ruched top that I really like, like look how stretchy that is man. And it's very... it's just a really good-looking dress.

So the next thing I have it's two pieces that come together which again thank you Zaful, I hate when you buy like a clothing item that's like two pieces that are meant to be worn together and they're sewn together. Zaful does not sew their stuff together, thank you! This dress was advertised to wear with a white t-shirt underneath. The dress, sometimes you may just want to wear it as a dress or wear it was like a long-sleeve shirt underneath. You know, like get multiple options. So, yeah ,you get two nice pieces for one. You get this really pretty dress that I'm gonna talk about as well as a very soft white t-shirt to go underneath. This dress is something again I typically wouldn't buy for myself, cause look at the skirt, like it's so like flowy and big, it's like very baby doll, very like big and flowy, it looks really pretty on.

This is dead, I know this is not fall and is a bathing suit, but I didn't really just want this bathing suit. Zaful recommended this to me, you know there's a little like recommended items, we might think you like and I definitely I did I liked it. So I did decide to get it because as I very much wanted it. But this print was something I wanted to talk about anyways. Because I've been finding so many cute things with this print on it and I have a couple of pieces like this and I've been loving it. I know these are like a little bit cheeky for like me personally. Top part just sort of ties in a little knot which i think is really adorable.

Front Tie Thong Plaid Bikini Set - White And Black S

Front Tie Thong Plaid Bikini Set

On SALE: $13.49 Was: $24.35

6 colors optional.

I almost forgot, but I did not. I've one more sweater to show you. It looks like it's been destroyed, I love that like distressed look. The bottom is very uneven, I've never seen a sweater like this where the front is cropped and not the back. I think that's really cool and again I do like the thick stripes, I bought a couple sweaters like this from Zaful before.

Guys, we're almost done. I swear! This is three tops and one, I put them the same hangar. But the next trend I wanted to talk about was wrap up or like lace up or like just shirts with strings that you just tie around. Now this is a weird kind of t-shirt, I don't have anything with sleeves like this, like do you see how short these t-shirts leaves are? It's this ribbed white shirt and it just sort of has these long strings. You tie them sort of like around the front, like a wrap top. You'll see it in the try on, but it sort of just wraps around your torso and it just adds a really nice detail.

Crossover Ribbed Wrap Top - White S

Crossover Ribbed Wrap Top

4 colors optional.

So it's like a halter top, it just goes around your neck like this. Again, it's just like white and ribbed. I love ribbed stuff, it sort of has like a knot back to the shirt, except this on the bottom of your back just ties in a little bow.

And then this top, you've seen me wear this in a video recently, it's just this, like sort of like ruched full of a tank top with these bows that wrap around the sleeves. This comes in multiple colors but again I just only got it in black. Fits super stretchy, this will fit a lot of different sizes.

Last two clothing items that I have and then I just have a couple accessories. This dress, I've been wanting something like this and I never knew where to get one. I've always wanted something like either a tank top or a dress with like chain straps, like I thought how cool would that be to have this gray ribbed long bodycon dress. Has gold chain straps, how cool is that! I think that one would look so pretty with tons of gold jewelry, like gold hoops and like some gold layered necklaces.

And then also is one of those things that I looked at it and I was like: What! Add to Cart! So, it's this halter top, that's like this super stretchy material and then it has like fur lining around the bottom, is that not just like interesting? I personally would style this like a little bit more basic, just to like play it down a little bit. Of course, it is fake fur.

Now to finish off the haul, we have some accessories. These particular glasses have been waited on for so long. I've been wearing these like crazy, you guys have just been asking where I'm getting them. And I feel so bad, I didn't want to say until the actual haul. So I'm sorry for not telling you. I have them in all three colors, because I thought they were that cool. I think they're only like $9.00 which is such a good price, especially for glasses like this cool. They look like sunglasses that have been like straight cut in half which i think is sick.

Another trend that I have that I definitely did start in summer, but I feel like is going to sort of like keep going in the fall is straw. This bag I needed to get, because I've been wanting a straw bag and especially because it has a black bow on it. I thought that was so cute.

Cylinder Shaped Straw Ribbon Tote Bag - Beige

Cylinder Shaped Straw Ribbon Tote Bag

Camel is also available.

And then I also got this straw pocket hat which is kind of like a really cool. I don't know, I saw it and my mom was like um...and I was like yeah.

And then, I did have to pick up these, because I saw them on the site and I thought they were really cute. They're a pair, they're like black little kitten heels. I think Kim heels are super trendy, they're definitely very on trend, you or just came out with a whole bunch of kitten heels and they're so cute.

Pointed Toe Bow Satin Slippers - Black 37

Pointed Toe Bow Satin Slippers

On SALE: $30.00 Was: $55.25

I also picked up these, so like these long rhinestone earrings. But they're super pretty, they catch a lot of light. I know the Lighting's kind of weird in here, you probably can't really see them glitter, but they definitely do.

And Zaful brings something new to the plate. Got phone cases! Zaful never had phone cases before and when they wrote me ,they were like oh hey girl by the way we have a whole new line of phone cases you do want some and I was like hey yeah, so they send me some phone cases. I got a couple, I'll show you. But I have on my phone this one currently, it has some like tropical leaves on it which is super cool. I know it has nothing to do with fall, but I love tropical leaves.

I also got a marble one, they just have like a classic marble which I always just have a good classic marble, it just looks very pretty, various.

And then I got this pink, like quartz marble one, which is really cool. It has like mixes of gold in there which I really like. This one, I'm actually probably gonna let my mom have though, because she's been loving pink lately.

And then I also got myself this white floral one, with the leaves again. I just very much like the little leafy thing going on. It has these like very tropical looking white flowers on it and I love the clear flexible cases. I really like these. I will definitely leave a link below for Zaful phone cases, they were only five dollars each, which is really good for iPhone cases.

Okay guys, that seems to be it. I know you're probably relieved, that was a really long haul. But again, thank you to Zaful for sending me all this stuff. All the links for everything will be in the description.

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