How to Wear Summertime Denim & Floral | Zaful Look Book


Make your floral pieces more flexible with denim.

This season we're seeing a powerful resurgence of floral in fashion. We love floral for its femininity, its lively colors, and delicate patterns. However, when complemented with certain pieces, floral can also communicate confidence, boldness, and loudness.

Denim, also a classic fabric, provides a neutral blue "canvas" to many of our outfits. Denim contrasts floral with its durability and (comparative) plain-ness, but is also highly-customizable. Like floral, denim communicates more than one message, depending on how you wear it.

So in this guide, we're showing you seven ways to dress up your floral outfits with denim to match your mood, whether you're feeling playful, daring, flirty, or rebellious!

7 Ways to Wear Denim and Floral

Zaful Tee and Skinnies

Get the Floral Patches Ribbed Crop Top.

Get the High Waist Skinny Tapered Jeans.

First we've got a very minimalistic look: a white floral crop top with denim skinny jeggings. Although jeggings are a hybrid material and not totally denim, they can really work well for you in the warm months as they do not tend to trap heat as much as real demin does, which allows you to rock a pants look without feeling too warm. This outfit communicates simplicity and confidence.

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Get the High Waist Skinny Tapered Jeans.

The next piece also incorporates the simple denim jeggings on the bottom, but swaps out the top for something baggier and louder. Baggy overcoats are in right now, and the floral patches on this one make it a statement-making piece.

Get the Adjusted Floral Satin Camisole.

Get the Broken Hole Narrow Feet Jeans.

Our third denim and floral combination puts heavy denim "mom pants" with a light and breezy floral camisole. We think this style communicates girly yet mature.

Get the See-Through Floral Teddies.

Get the High Waisted Ripped Denim Shorts.

Next we've got a floral bodysuit covered with a denim jacket and shorts. We’ve seen a lot of appreciation for bodysuits on the market this season for their tucked-in and shape-hugging look. Wearing two denim pieces at once might be a bit too much denim for some people, but many of us here at Zaful really like the over-powered-by-denim look.

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Our fifth look is a quirky, upside-down denim look. We've got a baggy denim tunic on top with faux leather floral shorts. We think this look gives off a modest, unique, and intelligent vibe.

Get the Velvet Long Sleeve Floral Shift Dress.

Next on our line-up is denim/floral suggestions for evening wear. Last season brought an overdue resurgence of velvet. If you're still riding that trend, we suggest going for our velvet long-sleeved evening dress with a baggy denim jacket on top. The contrast of the light denim with the dark dress is especially striking.

Get the Flounced Floral Bodycon Dress.

Get the Chain Tassels Metal Crossbody Bag.

Finally, we've got this embroidered bodycon dress. Paired with a denim jacket, it becomes a slightly dressed-up outfit for a night out. A belt can be added to accentuate the waist.

The essence of our work at Zaful is providing a selection of styles that can keep up with the dynamic-ness of our users' lives. We believe fashion is one of the most expressive and personal forms of art. If you'd like to share how you use Zaful fashion to express yourself, show us in a video!