How To Wear Sheer Clothes Like A Fashion Girl


Throughout history, sheer clothes have always been a staple in fashion. The reason why they never go out of style is because they manage to be both sexy and delicate at the same time. The fabric is see-through, so people can see your body when you’re wearing it, but they can’t actually see everything. That’s why it’s sexy. There’s more suggestion and playful teasing than an explicit display of the body.

This how-to guide will show you anyone can wear sheer clothes. The key is in the styling. We will help you get a better idea of all the ways you can wear a sheer item and slay it.

Chaper One: Various Styles of Sheer Clothes

1. Sheer Tops

A crop top’s length will always make it look casual, but the transparency of the sheer fabric adds a more sophisticated touch. Long-sleeved sheer tops are a bit harder to pull off, but when you find the right one, it’s so worth it. Whether it’s flowy and romantic, or it’s form-fiting, a long-sleeved sheer top is exactly what makes sheer sexy: you’re completely covered, but you’re still showing a hint of skin.

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2. Embroidered or Patterned Sheer Suits

Sheer suits with embroidery or patterns are another great look. They take the minimalist simplicity of the sheer fabric and add details like dots or flowers, turning the top into a work of art. These details tend to look a bit dressier, so feel free to dress up the suit and wear it out on a Friday night.

Mesh Floral Embroidered Denim Shorts Set

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3.Sheer Dresses

If you're checking out the best fashion trends for summer, can sheer dresses stay far from your eyes? The busier the print the harder it is to see through, so you don't have to think so much about what you're wearing underneath. Also, embellishments create visual interest, which tricks the eye and gives the illusion of greater coverage.

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4.Sheer Skirts

While fashion editors and style bloggers are bravely flashing miles of leg by layering sheer skirts over high-cut bodysuits, there are absolutely more modest ways to master the look. Try to go for a cropped skinny trousers or jeans and layer them with a lightweight see-through skir. Or pull on a long sheer skirt over a bodycon mini. And—for a model-off-duty look—a slouchy long tee and pair it with opaque black tights, biker boots, and sheer skirts.

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5.Sheer Pants

These fashion-forward bottoms are the perfect layer under skirts and dresses. Yes, we're starting to like the look (just think of them as the updated legging). You can wear sheer pants, just need the right materials. A pair of undershorts can help provide coverage and flatter your shape (win, win!).

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Chaper Two: Chic Ways To Style

1. With a Bralette, Tank Top or Tube Top

It’s no secret that sheer tops are the best way to show off that bralette you’re obsessed with. It’s like they were made for each other: the sheer top will show what you’re wearing underneath it, and the bralette is designed to be under your clothes, but it’s so pretty you don’t want to hide it. Depending on where you’re going, you can choose a bralette of the same color as the top, or you can go with another color that will create a beautiful contrast. Tank top and tube top work like the bralette, but they’re perfect for when you don’t want to show that much skin. They usually work better when they’re the same color as the top, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

Flare Sleeve Lace Sheer Blouse

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2. With a Blazer

Another match made in heaven: sheer tops and blazers. This combination works so well because the sheerness of the top adds a delicate and romantic touch to the blazer’s rigidity. Make sure you don’t over-style it, though; the combination of a sheer top and a blazer is a great look already.

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3. With Jeans

Jeans are so comfortable and easy to wear, we want to wear them all the time, but sometimes their “everydayness” can make it too normal and hard to wear them to some places. Sheer tops will solve this problem because they make the jeans look more sophisticated.

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4.With a Simple Design

For sheer skirts or pants, you’d better try a simple top to pair with. In some degree, the simple design will neutralizes the complexity of the sheer one. And you can easily throw a pair of chiffon pants or skirts over your bikini bottoms or layer crochet designs over a slinky one-piece. That way you'll get to join in on the trend without feeling overexposed.

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