How To Wear Checks And Plaids


If you haven’t noticed the rise of the checks trend, then perhaps you’re not paying close attention. Checks started creeping back into the fashion world late 2017 and by the end of the Spring/Summer fashion shows 2018, it became one of the most current fashion trends. The check and plaid patterns are a staple in our wardrobe, and this time they finally have a special treatment.

With the rise of checks and plaids, there is no better way to upgrade your office style than with checked and plaid essentials. This year you will have a chance to make multiple interesting fashion choices: checked trousers, checked blazers, checked skirts, plaid shirts and checked dresses. In either of these patterns are the ultimate fashion-approved pieces.

1.Checked Trousers

Achieving an effortless look with checked trousers is not really that difficult. The print actually adds dimension, texture, and offers different tones, all elements you can play and use to your advantage. Checkers make a huge statement by themselves so all you need is a simple blouse, t-shirt or oversized sweater and you’re good to go.

Another advantage of checked trousers is the fact that you can easily dress it up with mules or loafers and dress it down with sneakers. They are quite the versatile piece.

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2.Checked Blazers

The plaid blazer is an It-girl must. The checked jackets are getting so much more play lately—like it's impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a blogger wearing it.

All you need are a couple of hot items to balance the classic topper. Think mini skirts, lacey bralettes, and show-stopping boots. Or just layer an oversize checked blazer with a graphic tee and vintage jeans to nail the menswear-inspired trend.

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3.Checked Skirts

The checkered skirt is high on our must-have list. A plaid skirt is the perfect palette for pattern mixing. Try wearing a plaid skirt with stripes, leopard, or a different color plaid piece. Opt for a midi length for an office-appropriate look or a plaid miniskirt for a more modern style. There are great ideas that feature checkered skirt with fantastic pumps, sweatshirts, blazers and cool jackets. You can wear it through summer and winter months, don't forget to choose the appropriate fabric: thick or thin. All you need is to get inspired.

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4.Plaid Shirts

This beautiful top is ideal for wearing to any occasion and can be worn with pretty much everything, starting from shorts, midi and maxi skirts to skinny and boyfriend’s jeans.

Whether you wear it buttoned up high and preppy, tied around your waist, or worn open over a white tank, plaid shirts is always a good idea when the weather’s shifting. But do remember to choose the right size and length.

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5.Checked Dresses

The most controversial piece on said list is the checked/plaid dress. Some are embracing it fully while others are with trepidation. Still others are totally out on it and substituting a tunic instead. But it’s an excellent transition piece, there is no easiest way to upgrade your style than with checked and plaid dresses. It can simplifies outfits and make them as functional and stylish as possible.

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