How To Style 1 Shirt Dress To 5 Ways


Stop loading clothes just for one outfit. Zaful here teaches you how to style 1 shirt dress to 5 ways.

The shirt dress that we recommend:

Belted Striped Shirt Dress - White And Black M

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Match 1:

Match 2:

Match 3:

Tassels Lace Up Espadrilles Sandals - Black 38

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2 Colors Optional.

Match 4:

High Neckline Knitted Tank Top - White One Size

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3 Colors Optional.

Bleach Wash Skinny Ripped Jeans - Blue M

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Buckles PU Leather Metal Shoulder Bag - Brown

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Match 5:

Cropped Flounced T-Shirt - Light Gray M

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6 Colors Optional.

Tassel Wood Bead Shoulder Bag - Green

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4 Colors Optional.