How To Nail Your Office Look

BY Mayank

Isn't it enough that you have to spend all those hours with your head down in your office desk but now you have to look gorgeous in there too? But of course!

You lady, need to nail that office look right now. Even if you might feel like the whole world is up against you when your coffee almost ruined your favorite shirt in the morning or when you missed your bus and you had to work extra hours at work, your stylish outfit will never betray you and tell. You will look perfectly fine even after a long long day. Though knowing how to dress appropriately for the office environment can be tricky sometimes. Take a look at how to combine your outfit and look perfect all day long:

Shirts: A must have in your closet. You must own a lot of them, different colors, different styles and different patterns. They look great with skirts, denim jeans, pants or whatever. They always transmit these working and more serious vibes to everyone. You can always go for the most beautiful shirt dress there is, combine it with a brown belt and some brown flats or high heels.

Stripe Turn Down Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt - Light Blue

Dresses: Don't mess cocktail and party dresses with the ones that are appropriate for the office. You don't want to end looking ridiculous. Go for an elegant, yet a sweet dress to show your loving aura around the work. Try this floral white dress that will look great on you!

Sleeveless Flower Fit And Flare Dress - White

Pants: You cannot rule that office look with some gorgeous looking pants, can you? From high waisted to stripes to different colors you should own some pair of pants to combine with everything. Black pants are a classic must-have and maybe try to give your office a 70's feel with these black ruffle pants.

Ruffle Hem Capri Pants - Black

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Accessories: Did you think you can look great on that dress you bought today if you didn't throw some glamor at your outfit? Of course not. From jewelry to bags, shoes, scarfs and everything, accessories are our best friends and we should honor them for making us look fabulous. Try some leather bags, they go well with everything.

Metal PU Leather Pom Pom Tote - Gray